Author's note: This poemwas written four years ago, when I was still very much a kid.I'm putting it up again because, well, it's still me. :)

I'm no angel

Why do you argue
about who's better
When it's obviously me
who's the worst

The worst of the lot
A rotten apple
The cream of the crop
A shining star

Why do I even waste
My precious time
Just to see your smile
Not meant for me

I want to be more
The angel that everybody loves
But life has a sense of humour
I'm left spinning like a fool

I want to be more
Like that angel that I claim
But the angel gets the worst
And the devil got away with the best

I keep on trying
But nobody notices
The angel without the halo
The little kid overshadowed

Stop aruging about
who gets more
When it's obviously me
who's got the least