Catsy stood on a rock watching all the couples go by on their boats, blushing ferociously as they spoke sweet nothings to each other. She watched with sad eyes and watched the people like it was a movie. Beautiful eyes were stricken with tears though she tried to hide the fact that she had been doing that a lot lately. She wiped the tears from her eyes. It was too dark for anyone to see her so she stayed in that area; she saw better at night, anyways.

The clouds covered over the moon allowing not a piece of the light from the moon to shine on the beautiful lake in front of her. Hollywood would've loved to use the scene before them, Catsy analyzed. An illusion of light coming from the guardians of light resonated the area with a seeming calming effect on all whom sat quietly, whispering to one another. In the silence of their hearts, the world had only become just them and like the cliche romantic movie all they knew and saw could only be the person they were with... strange how that worked out.

She felt foolish watching them yet something kept her there and like opposites, it attracted her every day to come and watch these people. For one moment in her life, she allowed her thoughts to drift to wishing but not really sure what she wishing for whether or not she should even bother with that childish idea of hope.

She continued on watching them with a gleam of excitement entering her eyes as she smiled in her heart being proud that no one would see her in her shame. Finally, the clouds parted and people saw the girl who was watching them.

Every man stared at this girl from their boat like she was the most beautiful woman they had ever laid their eyes on. She looked like a model, by her height and had the most beautiful purple eyes with a blend of red, and a tinge of yellow around the edge of the pupil of her eye. Her long red hair laid straight and went down to her waist and if you looked really hard, she had ruby red cat ears on the top of her head. Her face was so beautiful that she seemed like only a fantasy that no man had ever imagined. Her body was built like the girls in the videos.

She frowned at how bright the moonlight was in this city, Knight Island because now, everybody saw her and could see her in her great shame. Beginning to become scared, face lost of all of its color, she nearly fell off the boulder that she was on, which would've led to her falling to a hard but very eroded rock.

However, before she could even get so much as even a scratch, someone had caught her.

He smiled coolly as he helped her down. Involuntarily smiling slightly, she tried her best to put on her realest frown once she laid eyes on his model-like face and charming green eyes. The boy's name was Ken, Ken Sun. He was every girl's dream, and every guy's nightmare. With his dark green eyes, silky black hair and tanned skinned, it was understandable even to guys why females fell for him so easily. He was tall, muscular, and charming at the same time.

She stood in his arms for awhile and didn't say anything, forgetting about everything that had just happened and then reality kicked in, and she pushed him away from her.

"Hey, pretty girl… what's been going on?" He said still with a smile on his face.

She rolled her eyes at hearing the comment and responded: "I told you don't call me that… nothings up, though I am tired of you sneaking up on me!"

He kept his smiling going and slowly came to a chuckle as he looked at her and then said to her: "You know you're are glad I came.. It would've been embarrassing for the almighty Catsy Wildfire to have died because she fell on a rock because… she was afraid that the people on the lake saw you watching them like a mad woman!" Ken laughed. "Besides, woman, I told you I'll always be there and if I allowed that to happen. … My promise would be broken."

Catsy blushed thinking about the day he had promised her that. Those memories seemed to be the only thing that kept her going nowadays. She tried to hide it by putting on her coat and saying that it was extremely cold. Although happy he was there, she pretended to be angry and said to him in contempt, "So… you were watching me! I told you not to do that!" In the darkness of her coat she smiled a smile that would make a man feel like a goddess came down and held them.

A mist went through the air as it always seemed to do though it seemed to come later than usual. That's unusual... She thought to herself as her mind was suddenly set back to reality with hearing his deep soulful voice that had always done something to her.

"Catsy… you'd better get home! It's getting late, do you want my limo to drop you off?" Ken asked with concern. The moment he asked, it began to pour down raining in the city of Knight Island. Before she could say ' no', Ken ran her to his limo and asked the driver to take her home. 'Once again,' Catsy thought to herself, 'Knight Island and Hollywood go together perfectly...'

In the car, Catsy smiled as she took off her hood. The light of the car shown her beautiful features even greater. Ken blushed slightly and tried not to stare at her. She turned to him, smiled while saying," So how was New York… with your girlfriend, Nina? You must've had fun…" He looked at her before answering though distracted by her smile.

"Uh…oh, Nina, she's not my girlfriend! We had fun…. We were only together because our parents, from the time we weren't even born, they had planned that we'd be together!" Ken said with a frown. His green eyes focused on the outside then at her to see her facial response to what he had said.

Catsy looked at him with a bored look while putting her hair up with a rubber band that she had got from her pocket, and spoke in an annoyed tone: "Liar… you telling me you don't have any feelings for her?! I heard you got to choose what you did, because your mother finally stepped out of your love life… so, what did you do with her?" Catsy looked at him piercingly and accusingly. He was obviously lying.

Ken scowled at the last comment as his face got all bent out of shape, quickly regaining his composure, he smiled smoothly:" Yeah, I do like her, so what! I did choose to go to the carnival with her and when I was there I even went on the love boat with. Yea, I did it, so what! We went to the park and sat under a tree while watching nightfall and sometimes stayed there until the sun came up!" Ken knew he chose the perfect word combination and he waited to see her response.

She looked at him and forced a smile, wanting to pretend that she was okay that he had a girlfriend. She looked away and tried to ignore that they were in the same car. A tear streamed down her face as she looked out the window, hoping he wouldn't see the pain he caused her. In her heart, she had always wanted to be with him, but something had always kept her from allowing herself to become too close. She loved him and she knew he was happy with his other girl. She told herself that she would never tell him how she felt because she knew he couldn't possible feel the same way she did. She told herself that she wouldn't be another one of those girls who was hopelessly in love with someone though they knew better. What happened to me? I used to never feel this way! This can't be love, can it?

Ken scorned himself mentally for saying the words he did! He didn't love that girl, Nina! He knew that but he wanted to be with someone to keep himself from thinking about the one he could never have: Catsy! He looked over to see what she was doing on the other side just to see that they were in front of her mansion. Ken walked out the car and walked to her side to open the door. Before he could get over there, Catsy opened the door so that when she came out he would never know she was crying to herself. Not that he would care, he's got Nina.

Ken was about to walk her to her door but when he turned around she was waving goodbye and already at the door, closing it.

Ken said goodbye hoping that they would never have to say a goodbye without ever seeing each other again. He stood watching her at the car, hoping he would one day have the courage to say those three words that he felt for her. He hoped she would see past the façade he puts on like he just wants to be a friend.

Catsy walked through her house thinking about one day she would have to say her final goodbye to him. She knew she could never say she loved him and that was for his protection.

Besides, the Legendary prophecy of old had begun!