It's Saturday morning, and gone is the night,

So I think I'll start this day off right.

Before we're much later on in the day,

I should get into the Word and pray.

But wait, I feel hungry, so before much time's passed

I think I'll go eat and break the fast.

After that, there's much more to be done

Because Saturday mornings are made for fun.

Okay, do it now, to myself I suggest,

Because it's much more important than all the rest.

But look! Now it's time for my favorite cartoon,

So God will have to wait til the afternoon.

Play, talk online, and so much more;

There's plenty of worthless things to explore.

But all of these things can turn on a dime,

So why am I sitting here wasting my time?

Now in the evening, much time has expired

And after a long day, I feel rather tired

God will have to wait another day

(We have church tomorrow anyway).

It seems there's always some distraction

To keep me from any positive action.

And you'd never know I'd received salvation

Because I'm too caught up in procrastination.