Newspaper Puzzles

Such small things make so much difference

It's these tiny details that change minds

Change the way a heart feels

Smiles and glances from afar

Sure, it can't be certain you were looking at me

But it's a good thought to have

And a fantastic memory

Just like that simple, innocent accident

Where we learned that we both couldn't fit through the door

At the same time, of course

And when I stumbled

And when you faltered

There was a moment

A single moment

Where I may have let myself get my hopes up

You reached over

Put your hand on my arm and said

Not muttered

"I'm sorry"

Is it just me, or was there a secret text behind those two common words?

Was I supposed to decipher it or something?

It's just the way you talk to me

Maybe it's to everyone too

(But oh well)

It's as if you keep giving me these puzzles

Expecting me to solve them

Figure out the true, hidden meaning

Unfortunately, you have to give me something concrete

So I can solve this puzzle

You're giving me a crossword

Don't you know that I suck at those?

Give me some kind of start

Some basis for this mystery

Not clues, but definite answers

How about numbers?

Give me a Sudoku instead!