Definitely Not a Dog Person

Courage, ensnare me with your misleading aroma

For I know of your truths and lies

You will not show me the way

You shall shove me in that general direction

You will not comfort me if I fall

Merely back away

Back away

And let me hit the arctic ground surrounding

Courage, I need you to take me that extra step

Make me march the path of victory

But I know you would run away before my walk of shame

My road of despair

You would stab me in the back sooner than you would give me a hug

Courage, you coward!

Get your tail out from between your trembling legs!

Courage, speak!
Reveal to me the absolute best way to approach this!

Courage, sit!

I don't need a weakling like you weighing me down

I shall assist my own self up off of this snow

Off of the ice

And I shall glide to safety

I shall glide into your arms where you, Courage, are banned forever