Sugar And Spice, And No Longer Nice

Prologue: The New Me

I could feel the heat and sweat radiating off of people as I pushed my way through the crowd of people wildly dancing to what the DJ was playing. I myself was already getting lost in the world of drinks, grinding, and sex. I was in a club, satisfying my thirst to go out dancing with my girlfriends.

I am Alexandria Wilrose, the one and only daughter of Herald and Stephanie Wilrose. Now, knowing my identity, you are probably in shock. 'The Alexandria Wilrose? Heiress to the line of famous Wilrose hotels and spas all over the world?'

Yup, thats me. My father is dead, my mother is living at her beach-front house somewhere in the Caribbean, and here I am. At a club in New York City, on my twenty-first birthday. I am finally old enough to drink legally, but its not like that has ever stopped me before. Like I said, I'm worth billions. Sometimes my life is so great, it almost seems fake. I'm one of the richest people in the world, I'm so gorgeous that everyone in the world wants me, and every day of my life I am surrounded by some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Could it get any better than that?

And when I say gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS. I'm tall, around 5'9", and have silky golden blonde wavy hair that goes up to my mid-back. Creamy, sun-kissed, golden skin covers my firm, perfect, model-like figure. My greatest feature though, by far, are my eyes. I have beautiful, large, very expressive eyes that are a blue-grey color, almost silver. The layered cut of my hair gracefully frames my heart shaped face and slender crane like neck, while my long legs accentuate my curvy hips, flat stomach, and well toned back.

What did I tell you? I told you I was gorgeous, which explains why every man alive wants to get into my pants. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been known as the 'good girl', in everyone's eyes I could do no wrong. Even if I were to go grocery shopping wearing only a thong and a pair of flip flops, they would call me 'experimental' and wish that their children would be more like me. I wanted to get away from that reputation. To start a new life where I was known as an adult, or even a person, not just some person's doll that they could dress up and play with. But what people didn't know, is that with the new me, came new and very different things. People would now see a side of me that I had kept hidden for so long, and now with my father finally dead and my mother in retirement, there was no one to stop me from advertising the new, more provocative, riskier, sexier me.

Not that I hadn't been that way since before. It was just that image that kept people believing I was still this innocent little virgin, when in fact, I was the exact opposite. I lost my virginity to my best friend when I was seventeen. We had gotten drunk at his house when his parents were not home, and one thing led to another. It wasn't until I woke up naked in the arms of my equally naked best friend that I realized what we had done. He said it was a mistake, and for a while I believed him. I mean, he was my best friend, not my lover. In my mind he would always be that scrawny little boy I used to go to school with, but deep down inside, I knew it felt right. And for a long time, I was in denial. I didn't love him. How could I? He was...him. But now I know, that at some point, there was something there. I did love him, and I probably still do, but I don't know....I haven't seen him in two years since he left to go shoot a movie in L.A. and some other bull shit, and I doubt he'll be coming back any time soon. Last I heard, he was moving to Las Vegas with his father.

His father is possibly the wisest man and doctor in the universe. He has written so many books on medicine and shit that it would take a lifetime to read all of them. On top of that, ever since his wife died, he'd been known as the greatest playboy of all time. And that is exactly how Robin Corvin, his son, was. Robin was a player. As his best friend, I've seen him make hearts, and break 'em too. As I said earlier, right now he's off filming some shit. It doesn't surprise me though. He is fucking gorgeous. Twenty-three years of fresh and ripe eye candy for every girl in the world. Medium length spiked jet black hair, slightly tanned peach skin, and piercing crystal blue eyes. And that is not all, this 6'1" twenty-three year old had a body to die for. He was well toned, but not too muscular, and from what I remember that night, he was of amazing size, large enough to pleasure even the pickiest of women. And trust me, I know, I'm pretty picky myself. Oddly enough, I find that the random men I pick up at clubs are the ones I have the best sex with. It is very strange how our world is. But that is what we live for, to enjoy the ride. Why not enjoy it to it's fullest extent? Thats my motto. Reia and I made it up.

Reia is my best girl friend, and Robin's younger sister by two years. She is my age, twenty-one, and we've known each other all our lives. She knows all of my deepest darkest secretes, and I'll bet she even knows me better than I know myself. Reia is 5'6", and VERY curvaceous. Her skin is a milky white color with grayish undertones, and her hair is a dark black with a natural violet tint cut at an angle right below her chin. She had two very beautiful amethyst eyes, and had around a size 'C' chest to compliment her very shapely figure. Reia was more of the refined quieter type and wore darker colors, but even though she could be very antisocial, the girl knew how to party. With her mysterious personality and manipulative ways, it was hard to believe that she was not some physic goth witch. But she knew her shit. She knew exactly how to get what she wanted, when she wanted it, and not just by means of sex.

The blinding lights flashed as the song came to an end, and I found myself making my way over to the bar to wait for my friends. I was wearing a pair of low rise tight blue jeans, two-inch, hot pink stilettos, and a hot pink silk tube top. I ran a hand through my ironed hair as I sat myself on one of the modern glass stools and ordered a martini, hard on the liquor. If I was gonna fuck some random guy's brains out, then I better be drunk enough to do it. I looked at my reflection on the glass counter top and noticed that I went a little dramatic on the eyeliner this time. The dark smokey make up around my eyes caused the silvery eye-color to stand out even more. As I examined my lucious lips coated with a layer of clear shimmer gloss, I caught a glimpse of a very sexy looking Reia making her way toward me. She was looking ravishing in a midnight blue tube mini-dress with matching boots. Her short hair was in light curls, and her trademark heavy eyeliner was not forgotten, along with some chap stick. I turned around and greeted her with a mischievous smile on my face.

"Hey sexy," I purred, "what took you so long? You know better than to have me waiting."

"I'm so sorry," she said with the same tone and look I had, "but I got stuck in traffic. You know New York City on a Friday night. I didn't mean to keep the birthday girl waiting."

I nodded my head as she approached me and gave me an innocent peck on the lips. "I called Brian, he says that they're on the third floor, come on." she said as she nudged me to the elevators. I was quick to grab my martini and follow Reia up to the third floor where the rest of us were waiting.

The third floor was like nothing you had ever seen before. There was an immense dance floor, and the room was lit with blue light, casting a glow all around. The service here at 'Ecstasy', the club, was so great, that only New York's upper class was allowed in. But it didn't just have the name for no reason. The whole place was a drug house. Only the finest drugs were brought in, and given away as free gifts to the club's wealthy customers.

Reia and I made our way past the occasional couples having sex on the loungers, and went through the crowd of people dancing as if their lives depended on it. When we finally made our way off the dance floor, we got a clear view of our table and the people sitting there. There was Brian Hanson, Reia's boyfriend, and heir to his family's line of 'Hanson' manufacturing companies. He was 5'11", with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and peach skin. He had a lean figure, but was very well toned, and judging by what Reia has told me, he was a god in bed.

Standing next to him was a 5'4", fake blonde haired girl with dark brown eyes by the name of Isabella Manroe. She was how you would say, average. She was actually a very pretty girl, but with all of her overdone make up, her true beauty was covered up. She was a very nice girl, only a bit on the ditsy/preppy side.

She was clutching by the arm, a man by the name of Keith Jacobs, her latest boy toy. He was around 5'10" with green eyes and had long black hair in sort of a mushroom cut only way hotter. I have to admit, Izzy sure knows how to pick her fuckers. And I'm pretty sure that that is all they do. Which pretty much explains his awesome abs.

And as I turned around, I saw my 'brother from another mother'. Derek Stone, 6'4" and 250 pounds of African American muscle. He is the quarterback for one of the most well known professional football teams in NY. To top off his large stature, he was bald and dark blue eyes. When you first set eyes on this twenty-four year old mass of muscle, you think 'gangster', when in reality, he is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. He loves me, and I love him, but our love doesn't go beyond that of siblings.

His girlfriend, Bethany Black, has been with him for almost three months. She is 5'10", and has gorgeous chocolate skin and soft light brown eyes. Now she, much like myself, is a total party girl, carrying around with her that air of sophistication and 'I'm-Not-Afraid-To-Kick-Your-Ass' . Now she is a girl who has got spunk, funk, and all that jazz.

Derek smiled warmly at me before walking over and eloping me in a hug. "Hey sis, happy birthday. How you been?" he asked.

"Good." I said. "I just moved into my new apartment, I hope you guys can stop by and see it sometime."

"I'll make a mental note of that." he said and left me to go and sit with Bethany.

"So, who's up for some shots?" Reia's voice drifted over to me. I turned around to see her filling up around ten shot glasses. That is exactly what I needed. Some good old fashioned, hard core liquor.

Shot after shot I downed, until I was nearing around sixteen. That was where I drew the line. I knew for a fact that at twenty I would pass out, so dance for a while, and then more shots. "Well guys," I stood up, "I'm going for some pot, and then some innocent bastard to fuck." I said perfectly clearly. If you didn't know me, you'd think I was completely sober. But I was anything but. I was answered by some moans of acknowledgment from the people who were too busy making out and some 'Hell Ya's.

Reia, however, broke her intense lip lock with Brian to look me dead in the eye, "Be careful. You can't fool me, I know that you're wasted. Just don't do anything stupid, kay?" she then broke into a grin, "We'll have some body shots waiting for you when you come back."

I nodded and smiled back before leaving to go find me some good ol' weed. I went to the bar and the bartender handed me a freshly rolled joint. I lit it with the match he provided, and proceeded to take a long drag. Oh, how I loved the taste of it, the feeling it leaves inside my lungs. "Ecstasy" I breathed out as the smoke filtered from my lungs. I was in my own little world now. I ran out onto the dance floor and closed my eyes, letting the pounding music flow through my body as I danced flawlessly, becoming the center of attention for every man that was watching.

And that is how he found me. Dancing carelessly, surrounded by a crowd of people gazing upon my oblivious figure. He walked up to me in all his glory, and grabbed my shoulders while whispering in my ear, "Happy twenty-first, Ali." he then kissed the exposed skin on my neck and ran his fingers through my pin-strait hair.

At that moment my eyes snapped open. Could it be? I knew that voice anywhere. I slowly turned around to come face to face with Robin. My dream boy and my best friend. "R-Robin?" I asked in a shaky voice with uncertainty. He just gave me one of his million dollar smiles, his ice blue eyes never leaving my grey ones. I beamed at him, showing him my impeccable white, perfect smile, and then without thinking, threw my arms around his neck and hugged him for the first time in two years. "I missed you so much." I said, close to tears.

"Me too."

We made our way over to the table to find Reia thrown upon it, a lime wedge between her teeth, salt on her neck, her body soaked in liquor, and Brian licking it all off. As soon as I saw Reia, I became angry. Why didn't she tell me he was coming?

When she caught sight of Robin, she immediately sat up and pushed Brian off her. "Your here?" she asked in confusion.

"No sis, you're just too drunk to think strait." he replied.

Reia narrowed her eyes at him as he burst into laughter. "You suck at sarcasm." she shot at her brother with sibling rivalry like venom.

"And I'm pretty sure you suck his dick. What's your point?" he said while gesturing to Brian.

Reia smiled at this. Robin always knew how to get her.

I glared at her, "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked angrily.

She frowned at me, "I didn't even know." she complained, she was truly smitten.

My gaze softened and I turned to Robin for an explanation. I raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him. "Well..." I urged.

He shrugged, "No one knew. We finished filming the movie and they're gonna start advertising. It'll come out in three months, around December. And you're all invited to the premiere." he said with a smile.

"Well," Isabel's voice popped up, "this is a time for drinks!"

A few shots, three beers, and a couple martinis later and I was so drunk that now, not even my act could cover me up. As we waited outside the club for our cars to arrive, a breeze swept by and caused me to pull my shawl closer to my goose-bumped skin. It was around 4:30, we had been clubbing all night. I lit a cigaret from my purse in an attempt to pass the time. One by one the cars were brought up until only Reia, Robin, and I were left. As Reia's dark blue BMW two-seater convertible 'sport' was brought up, she motioned for Robin to take the keys and drive, for he was way more sober. Once Robin kissed me good bye and was in the car, she turned around and looked at me, "We still on for tomorrow with the girls?" she asked me.

"Definitely." I said with a smile on my face. "We have a hell of a lot to talk about."

Reia nodded and kissed me good bye. I watcher her climb into the car and speed off, it's outline slowly disappearing as it moved further and further away. It wasn't long before my slick, black Porsche convertible was brought up. I jumped in and sped off. I don't know how I did it, but I did. I managed to drive all the way to Fifth Ave. while drunk, and not crashing once. Thats right, I live on Fifth Ave., the Louis Vuitton of streets. I just moved here from my Manhattan apartment. Everything just seems so much closer. I live in the penthouse on the top floor of the Grand Museum of Art, which is located right in the center of everything.

I got out of my car and let the bellboy do his job. I reached the elevators and pushed for the 21st floor, the top floor, and the floor that I owned. The elevator doors opened to reveal the door to my new absolutely fabulous penthouse. There were fourteen rooms in all, each with their specific use. I unlocked the door and stepped into my newly familiar home. I left my shawl on the coat rack near the entrance and made my way toward the enormous kitchen, my blonde hair swaying to and fro as I stumbled along.

I got a glass of water and a couple of Advils and quickly downed them. I sighed, I was gonna have to barf myself. I made my way down the long hall and stepped into my room, my sanctuary. On the floor was plush white carpet. The room was painted a light lavender color with thick silk purple curtains and bed comforters.

I shivered again. Why was it so cold? I walked over to my fireplace and lit a fire, immediately the room began to warm up. I opened the door to my huge closet and stepped inside. I stripped of all my clothing and put it in the hamper while I grabbed a red skimpy nightgown and a pair of panties. I then made my way over to my equally sized bathroom.

Here came the hard part. I wouldn't usually have to resort to barfing myself, but I can't afford to have a hangover tomorrow. I kneeled down in front of the toilet, the cold tile floor sending shivers up my spine. Here I go. I plunged my two fingers deep inside my mouth and as soon as I began gagging, I went even deeper until I was vomiting large amounts of alcohol mixed with bile. Once I was finished I flushed the toilet, took a shower, and brushed my teeth.

Now in comfortable sleep attire, I slipped under my soft silk sheets and waited for my body to surrender to sleep. I was stoned, I was drunk, and I was probably gonna have a major headache tomorrow, but that still didn't stop me from being excited, for tomorrow, I would start premiering the new me. The girl that is not so nice. The new....... Alexandria Wilrose.