Chapter 1

If there is anything normal about life, please tell me, because every aspect of my life is never normal. First, we'll start with my name. I'm Andy Baker and, yes, i'm a 16 year old, teenage girl. I've had this gift since I was about four. I can see things in sequence before they happen by touching something that relates to what happens to me later on.

If I want to change something, I have to be quick about it because everything we do now, effects our future. The images I see, however, are usually blurry and I can only see myself as a faded image next to the thing I touch. Another aspect is that I never knew my biological parents and i've always been switching foster parents. My parents were murdered the day I was born in the hospital. I only survived because the doctors and nurses refused to let them kill me.

Whoever they were. Right now, i'm with my 10th or 11th foster parent. I lost count somewhere along the line. She's a middle aged woman named Maria Jones. My caseworker, Mr. Roderick, told me she lived in a small town called Churchville.

When we drove into the town I thought it would at least have a church since it was called Churchville, but so far there were only townhouses and small shops. No movie theatre or pizza place in sight. I sighed and scrunched down further in the backseat of Mr. Roderick's Pontiac. I could already tell I was going to be bored as hell in this new place. I rested my hand on my gray suitcase next to me.

It was my only paraphernalia. I didn't mind thought, it was all I needed really. I usually kept my clothes and the only thing left of my parents: An empty, gold locket on a silver chain. We pulled up to Ms. Jones's house. It was a one story, tannish/yellow house some of the paint coming off.

The black tiled roof looked like it needed some renevations. The front yard had dead, brown grass and unkempt bushes. The garden had been dug up by squirrels making it look like a miniature war zone. Mr. Roderick opened the door for me and I stepped out carrying my suitcase. Mr. Roderick opened the front metal gate and walked over to the white front door with a rusted knocker.

I slowly walked to the gate where I rested my hand on the fence. That familiar sensation of tingling shot through my hand to my arm and through my shoulder all the way up to my forehead. I was having another vision...

The neighborhood as well as Ms. Jones's house were in flames. Patches of soot covered my clothes and face. The sound of a motorcycle came and a figure on a Harley Davidson pulled up next to the house. He held out his hand and beckoned for me to get on. The sky was a crimson red in contrast with the black smoke rising into the clouds...

The vision ended and I enhaled deeply, feeling the same sense of dizzyness as always. Mr. Roderick turned around looking concerned.

" Is everything okay, Andy?" He asked.

" Yeah," I breathed nodding, " I'm alright..." I pushed some of my long, brown hair out of my green eyes. I walked closer to the front door where Mr. Roderick knocked using the rusty knocker. I expected Ms. Jones to be one of those heavy, women that barely dress for the day and sleep with the same clothes on. Always smoking a cigarette and wearing slippers all day.

However, when she walked out she was spindley with dark, curly hair and hazel eyes. She wore a blue skirt with a matching blouse. She reminded me of those normal moms who're always home when their husbands come back from work. They always have dinner ready at the same time everyday. In contrast to the outside of her home, the inside was pretty tidy.

" Hello Ms. Jones, I'm James Roderick." He held out his hand and she shook it smiling.

" Oh, yes, I called you yesterday," She looked at me with the same smile, " Is this, Andy?"

" Yes, Andy Baker."

" Come in, come in." She motioned for us to go inside. I followed Mr. Roderick to the living room. The furniture seemed comfortable enough: a black pinstripped couch with a matching loveseat. She seemed to like things matching.A tv set sat in front of the couch and loveseat. I was at least glad she had a tv. Ms. Jones pointed down the hallway.

" Your room is down the hall to the right, okay?" She said sweetly. I nodded in acknowledgement and Mr. Roderick said, " Why don't you go unpack your things while I talk things over with Ms. Jones, alright?"

" Sure." I traipsed down the hall covered with pictures of landscapes. I thought the one with the moon overlooking the Goldengate bridge was pretty good. I stepped into the room that Ms. Jones said was mine. I knew I wouldn't be here long enough to call this place "home"; I never was.

My room consisted of an oak dresser and a bed made for one. It had dark, blue pillows and comforter. She seemed to like dark colors despite the color of her house. I set my suitcase on top of the dresser and opened it, separating the clothes into different individual drawers for each. I hid my locket in the sock drawer for safekeeping.

After I finished unpacking, I slid my suitcase under the bed and sat down. It was springy, but the bedding seemed comfortable. I kicked my shoes off and laid down on the bed closing my eyes to try to interperet my vision. Fire usually meant disaster, red sky meant death, but the guy on the motorcycle was a new one. Maybe it meant salvation or something.

I thought about it more and more until I drifted off to sleep. The bed was surprisingly comfortable after all. I woke up to the sound of the smoke alarm going off. I opened my eyes and my sight was obscured by blackness and a strong burning smell. I jerked up out of the bed and stepped into my shoes.

I looked out my curtainless window. The whole neighborhood was on fire! I immediately went for my sock drawer and yanked out my locket. I stowed it away in my pocket as I ran into the hallway. I looked into a mirror on a nearby wall. A brown haired,green eyed girl with soot on her face stared back at me. I could see orange flames covering the living room and blocking my path to the front door.

" Ms. Jones!" I called, " Mr. Roderick!" I stumbled into the next room across from me, coughing from enhaling the smoke. I saw crimson fluid all over the floor and I knew that either someone was hurt or killed. I went over to the other side of violet colored bed and saw Ms. Jones dead and covered in blood.

I never saw a dead body before. I started feeling woozy and I leaned against the bed for support. There was no sign of Mr. Roderick. If he'd left already before this happened, he was lucky. I noticed Ms. Jones's throat had been ripped out and her chest had a bloody hole in it.

Someone, or something, had killed her and set the house on fire. I heard a low growl in the bathroom just off this room. A small rustling sound came and I heard claws scratching against the tiled floor. It was still here! I wasn't waiting to find out what had caused this.

I tore out of the room and to my window. I heard a pounding in the other room and I knew it just found out I was here. I pushed open the window and jumped out. I scrambled up and ran out of the yard, tripping when I came to the gate. I looked back at the window and saw a dog-like creature hanging its head out the window.

It was sniffing the air, looking for me. Its neon yellow eyes rested on me and it growled, jumping out the window. I jerked up and broke into a run. The thing was tearing after me, leaping fences as it went. Then, I heard it: the motorcycle coming down the street towards me. I ran as fast as I could to it, seeing the figure on the Harley. He turned to a stop in front of me.

" Get on!" He said holding out his hand. I grabbed it and jumped on. He willed the bike to go and we sped away from the creature, the burning houses, and the town. I sighed in relief as he continued down the road out of town.

" What the hell just happened?!" I asked him.

" I'll explain later, just hang on!"