Chapter 2

We stopped at a small motel just outside the outskirts of a place called Louisville. The neon sign shown " vacancy". The guy who saved me wore a black leather jacket and torn jeans. He had black gloves that didn't cover the fingers and black boots. He took off his black helmet with flames decorating the sides as he got off his bike. He had short, ash-blonde hair with a stud diamond in his left ear. He looked back at me with his hazel eyes.

" What the hell was that?" I asked him. He looked over at the manager of the motel in the front.

" I'll tell you when we get a room..." He walked over to the front office and paid the manager for a room. He came out with a blue-tagged key that had the number 11 in white letters. He motioned for me to follow him to the room between 10 and 12. The number was painted gold on thetan colored door.

We stepped inside the musty smelling room with red carpet; two beds with brown, pinstripped comforters, and white pillows with stains on them; a large mirror overlooking them with a small crack in one of thecorners; and a small tv sitting on a small dresser in the corner. The bathroom, I assumed, was behind the brown, wooden door across the room. The guy sat down on the bed closest to the bathroom and I took the other.

" What's your name anyway?" He asked me.

" Andy..." I answered simply," Do you mind telling me what the hell that was back there?"

" A demon raid..." He said darkly," You're pretty damn lucky you weren't killed during that either..."

" A demon raid? Those things were demons?"

" Yep...Though that town wasn't the first they destroyed..."

" How many have they been to?"

" Six so far...They're looking for something...and they found it just today..."

" What?"

" You..."

" Me?! What the hell do they want with me?!"

" Why don't you tell me?" I was speechless. How the hell could he believe I would know something about all this?

" Do I look like I would know anything about this?"

" I'd hope so..."

" Well, I don't......But you do...Tell me...What do they want from me?"

" Well, i'm not sure exactly, but...16 years ago they were told a prophecy about someone with a gift that could help them start the Apocolypse...They almost captured this person when he/she was born and killed the parents in the hospital...The person wasn't captured because the doctors and nurses refused to hand the baby over and then someone warded them away with a mysterious power...I'm pretty sure that was you 16 years ago..." Again I was speechless.

That's how my parents died...Protecting me...That's who they were...Demons...They were trying to kidnap me for some prophecy that saidI would bring forth the Apocolypse...Now they're giving it another go...I wouldn't let them have me. I wasn't going to end the world.

" It was..." I said breathless, " That's why i'm orphaned...They killed my parents..."

" I thought it was..." He said a little softly, " By the way...The name's Brent..." He held out his hand and I shook it.

" What were you doing there anyway?" I asked him referring to him being in the town when he saved my life.

" Looking for survivors...Instead I found you...Interesting that Ishould come across my assignment..."

" Your assignment?"

" Yeah...I'm supposed to protect you..." He stood up," At least you're cute though...If i'm going to protect a girl, she might as well be cute."

" Oh, so if I were ugly, you would've just left me there?" I asked blushing. I couldn't help it. He was nice looking.

" No... I would've just did my job and be done."

" And you're not doing that now?"

" Yeah...But...Maybe it won't be the only thing that'll happen..." He smirked and took off his boots and leather jacket revealing a white spandex covering some really hot looking muscles... I blushed and stared down at the floor. I didn't want to ask what he meant by that. I could already guess...Tch...Guys...

" Better get some sleep toots...We got a lot of traveling to do tomorrow if you wanna stay away from those demons..." He turned off the light and rolled over in his bed as I took my shoes off and laid down. The bed wasn't as comfortable as the bed at Ms. Jones's place, but it'd do for the time being. I drifted off to sleep after a while...

We were outside a small, white house with a rosebush behind me...It was raining...We were really close together...Too close...He put his arm around my waist and lifted up my chin...He drew closer and kissed me...Moments later, we had our arms around each other, still kissing...He rubbed my sides and trailed kisses down my neck...He whispered something in my ear...I couldn't hear it...But whatever it was...I was enjoying it...

I woke up at 7:00 am in the morning. Brent, I could hear, was in the shower. I couldn't believe I got a vision in my dreams. The fact that it was romantic freaked me out too... I barely knew the guy! Though...He was very good looking...

I heard the shower turn off and then I noticed that his clothes were on his bed. Good lord! Was he going to getdressed in front of me? He came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist. I stared at his perfectly sculpted mucles. Not too bulky, not too wiry, just how I liked them. I blushed as he smirked and sat down on the bed next to his clothes.

" Your turn..." He said nodding over to the bathroom. I did feel dirty. I got up out of bed and quickly went into the bathroom before he took his towel off. The bathroom was still warm and fogged up from his shower. Its white tiled floor was slippery.

I felt like taking a bath. That would take some of the anxiety off with all the demons and Apocolypse stuff in the back of my mind. I turned the handle for hot water first, then turned on the cold water. I plugged up the drain and let the water fill the stained tub. Once it was full enough, I took off my clothes and stepped in, closing my eyes as the warm water soothed me.

I pulled the plastic, transparent curtain closed. It really didn't matter though, you could see almost perfectly through it. After I was through washing my hair and body with the small soap and shampoo bottles, I put my clothes back on and went back into the other room where Brent was standing, fully dressed, waiting for me. He smirked at me and walked over to a plastic bag.

" You know something...You look even cuter without all the soot on your face." I rolled my eyes at him...Men...He started rummaging through the plastic bag and pulled out a pocket brush with the tag still on it.

" Here," He said throwing it to me," I know how you girls get all crazy about your hair so I got you that brush..."

" Thanks." I said pulling the tag off and brushing my hair with it. He went through the bag again and took out a couple danishes, a bottled fruit smoothie, and a bottle of orange juice.

" I also got us breakfast and I would suggest you eat something before we leave, cuz we're not stopping until we get to the next town." I nodded and went over to eat after I finished brushing my hair. The danish tasted sweet and the smoothie added a sort of citrusy sweetness to it.

" So how old are you? 17?" He asked.

" 16..."

" Off by a year...You looked 17 to me."

" What about you?"

" 18..." I nodded. Well, even if he's 18 at least it wouldn't be considered statutory rape...A few minutes later, we finished breakfast and set out. He drove past Louisville to a place called Willowsbrooke. We came up to a white house with a rosebush at the right corner of the place. I stared at it as he turned off the bike and dismounted.

" Where are we?" I asked.

" An old friend of mine's place...He still has that damn rosebush..." He shook his head. I slowly got off the bike and walked over to the picketfence. So this is where I get my first kiss...I just met the guy yesterday...It reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. They got married after three days when they first met...We walked across the stone path to the oak front door. Brent rang the doorbell as I kept looking at the rosebush.

I can't believe after such a short time, we're gonna make out by that rosebush...