I was just swimming in a bright blue tree

When a pack of wild turtles came after me.

And so I wouldn't be part of Turtle Food Day,

I jumped into a hamburger and drove away.

Along the way, I met a talking umbrella

Who seemed to me like a rather nice fella.

He started talking about his life,

And said he hated inconsistent rhyme.

We soon encountered another

Who was the umbrella's brother;

He was a purple elephant named George.

But then George exploded,

As I carefully noted,

And his head landed in a bowl of porridge.

It wasn't too long before the sky grew small

And the ground below us disappeared with it all.

So I took off my shoe

And a shape became blue

And off of the world we did fall.

Through sponge and thicket (now that's the ticket!)

Our downward compelling progressed.

And as I fell I was muchly distressed,

Because I didn't know when the story would rest?

Monsters chasing, dragons dreaming

Heroes and villains do battle.

Things are getting pretty weird, its seeming,

Or so says the army of cattle.

We land, and the turtles by cows are beset;

Now this whole thing I begin to regret.

Because total nonsense will not contend

Until this crazy, senseless poem has reached its end.