"Reflection of Atlantis"

Standing on the hill, beneath the stars

Pensively observing the city below

Its lights glinting as a reflection

Of the luminescence of the night sky

On a pool of silver glass.

Forsaking the simplicity of his thinking

And drawing back the veil

Reveals a glimpse of Atlantis,

Resurfaced from the black depths,

Existing, as before in unsuspecting quietude.

Those that dwell within—

Unaware of the fateful wave

Rising before them like a colossus,

Standing, a testament to their presence

Once all traces have been lost to the deep

--In pursuing their aspirations, are blinded

By their persistency, and yet,

Something stirs in the darkest corners

Of their consciousness:

The faintest shadow of memory,

Elusive as the remembrance of a dream

In the first rays of morning.

Thus they are taken,



By a single wave.

How long were they drowning?

How long were their hearts flooded,

Immersed in waves of desire

For vindication,

Before that terrible night

When the city was banished to the sea?

At once the veil returns

Leaving one standing on a hill

Lost in his own reflections

Musing about the city below

Whose lights flicker complacently

Against the backdrop of midnight—

A reflection of Atlantis

--And considering the waves approaching the shore.

December 3, 2005

Author's Note: I wrote this as an experiment in free verse poetry, or maybe its blank verse. In any case, I really liked the idea of this. I realize that this is really poetic and sort of dramatic, but please bear with me. Reviews are very much appreciated.