How do you really feel, my poetic wish?
Dreamy or in love, wistful for life
To create more adventures that drag you in
Like the undertow of a wave
Go left go left
The information they tell you in third grade
Will come back to haunt you.

Alone and cold
The way you like it
Not the way it used to be
Comfortable and soft
Like my favorite sweater
Overused and worn
Hole right in the center
Of course, I should have known.

Known the truth or the lie?
Far away is the secret that would have told me
Like the rainbow-
The pot of gold at the end
Never actually there, but always talked about,
assumed to be.

Time ticks sadly away
The hand goes slowly,
It doesn't actually want to change
Like you do- did.

Colored pencils fill my heart
Color my skin
The picture
That I always wanted
That you always hated.

Maybe the worst set of words
That will ever stream from my
lips- (fingers)
But the most important thing
That I will ever say
Never will I think of this again.