"I Wonder Why…"

There was nothing more questionable at that moment.
He was watching me; his eyes devoid of any emotion.
The rain cascaded down his face; almost painfully.
Faint moonlight obscured parts of him; my vision hazy.
A chill picked up amongst us, the silence shattering my mind.
Violence adulterated our love, the very death of endurance we once held.
"...you…you still love me…" his cold voice threw at me; callously.
And as the wind choked me within it's fervent grasp,
My eyes furiously blinked away the salty tears threatening to fall.
In the most secret region of my heart; realization struck me.
"He was right…" my mind stuttered, failing to comprehend itself.
The tightening of my chest broke my heart; I knew it was hopeless.
War constantly fought within him; the inner battle of his conscience.
Yet I knew, I knew it was the undoing of the man I once devotedly loved.
I couldn't understand why; this man so unknowingly destroyed me.