A Goddess's Torment

Lina stared delicately out the window of her centuries-old house and sighed to herself. It
had been so long since she'd seen or talked to Kei. She just could not accept the fact that Kei had
died over twenty years ago, and Angel had three hours later. Tasuki, Kei's son, had moved on quickly,
along with his own son, Tenishi. Tenishi was coming of age now, and Lina knew it was time to begin her
world conquest while Tenishi was still learning to use his power. Tasuki was no match for her. She'd
already wounded him almost fatally, and now he walked with a slight limp from the nerves she'd damaged
in his spine. Lina regretted the fact that she was the self-appointed Guardian of the entire Taizen
bloodline, and would be for generations to come unless she rid herself of them while they were still in
remission, but she knew she couldn't do it. The things she'd love to do to Tenishi would make Kei himself
turn over in his grave. She couldn't do that to Kei. She stepped away from the window and looked at an
old photograph of Kei mournfully. She dearly missed him and never had wanted to hurt him, although she knew
she used to hurt him often. "The damage is all I see..." she muttered to herself as she stared into her
full-length mirror. Sometimes things were so hard on her that she would be found lying on the floor
bleeding but from no wounds. "Sometimes I wonder what is really wrong with me. If I get close to someone
I automatically push them away. But if I am not close to someone, I strive to be close to them..." she
whispered, analytically scanning herself for clues and answers, as always. She seemed to care about no
one anymore. She regretted having to hurt Tasuki, and she knew she would regret having to hurt Tenishi if
she was forced to. Ever since Flaive and Kei had died, she'd promised herself not to get close to any more
Taizens, but she knew she would eventually. Her thigh-length black hair was characteristic to her emotions;
it seemed to fit perfectly to her moods. Her dark, violet eyes varied with her moods; she could change them
at will if she wanted, but she preferred to let them do it themselves. They changed in an array of colors,
but they were always dark: violet, sapphire, silver, and red, a dark blood red. Violet was her usual color,
but sapphire and silver accompanied her more lighthearted moods. "Look at me. Who's a Goddess now? Not you.
You're a failure. Nothing but a washed up fool with a bloodlust to make the most powerful vampire jealous."
she muttered defeatedly to herself. She'd become so depressed that Ra had even begun checking on her to make
sure she didn't have someone kill her. Aiko was long-since dead, so she was ruled out. She wouldn't anyway.
But Shana or Arkan definitely would. They'd been after her for a while now, not only because she was their
sister, but because she was the Goddess of Death and very valuable to them. If they had her alive, they could
be rich. If they had her dead, they could sell her piece by piece to the Black Market, not as if Lina cared
in the least. She was much more powerful than both of them put together and could kill them with a thought
if she wished so. Centuries had seemed to pass in so few years.