Mask The Truth

To many masks

Covering to many faces

Facades that hide false desires

No one says what they really mean

What do you really want from me?

Your words taunt me

I'm looking for the secret meaning

I need a way to crack your code

A way to make sense of all the




I'm looking in your eyes

And I don't know if it's for real

Or if you're just playing with my head


Cause you've strung me out all along

And I don't know anymore what to believe

I'm so blind I can't believe I couldn't see

There's just to many masks to hide behind

The question now becomes

Where's mine?

Painted lips and lashes

But your eyes betray the truth

Tell me what you really want

Maybe I'll give it to you

You call my name

I turn to face you and

You seem surprised

This isn't the face you recognize

I'm sorry but

I found my mask

To hide behind

Every word I say to you

Is just another line

In this scripted act of mine

We are but mere players

And the world is our stage

We are all liars

With ulterior motives

Is there not one pure among us?

Is it possible for anyone to

Take away this pain?

Is there anyone out there who

Could make me feel the way

Your lies used to?

Because I know it was all lies

Because now I know the truth

And now I have my mask

To hide from you.