Do you think I'm having fun

Do you think this is fun for me at all?

Watching my tears run from my eyes because I can't hide away

No more I can't cope this is no fun

Do you find this funny as I let the blood fall from my wrists?

This is not a game anymore it's a drug, which I can't escape

Does it even look like I'm having fun?

But all those words I said seem to add up to nothing now

When I'm sitting there with two choices I'm not having fun

I can't call you up anymore; it makes me feel so weak

I'm not having fun not anymore, when I give myself the choice

It just makes me cry so much I can't being having fun anymore

I just want to lock myself away and wish it all be gone

For no more scars to taint my future and all those stupid thoughts gone

But I'm not having fun anymore; I can't cope when I'm crying

It's not any fun and I don't think I can stop myself anymore.