Sequel to 'I believed'

I will never fall again

It was your loss, not mine

What did you think, giving it up?

You made me believe

And now…

No more.

No more, do I believe in you

No more, do I believe

In the eternal bond of Love

For love, is merely a fancy,

A dream and nothing more.

You caused me harm, yes

But you taught me something:

'Never fall in love'

Thank you for the bittersweet experience

I have fancied many,

But I will no longer fall.

I will no longer fall for something as unreal

I can only dream of an eternal bond,

A flame that burns within me,

With a passion.

For I still desire what we shared.

Answer me,

Is it possible to desire something you don't believe in?

For Estel, have a great life without me.