You, and me
We're dancing in the war zone
Meaning, it's nothing
We live the lives of PEDOFILES

All we wanted was a good fuck
And all we needed was a good fuck
What will you do, SHIT OUT OF LUCK
In the back of the pickup truck

Shouting rising
Climax steaming
But there's no meaning
Holy Father
Please don't bother
Life's no better
When it's wetter

You, and I
Burning all the preachers
Life, no hope

In the back of the pickup truck
All you made was a cheap buck
What will you do, NOW THAT YOU'VE SUCKED
You're shit out of luck and jolly-well fucked

Prudes are scoring
Constant whoring
Climax rising
Our forefathers
Future mothers
Teen sex abusing
No one's refusing

Pressured mindfuck
Wishing you luck
Drug-hyped orgy
It's you and me