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Skywolf looked out over the white plains of Siberia. He was tired, very tired after the 747 first class flight to Russia, the four hour briefing, the load out, and finally the helicopter flight to… suddenly the pilot's voice burst out through the radio.

"E.T.A. thirty seconds to land," shot the rough Prussian voice, "hope you packed for winter."

"Nah, we're fine," Skywolf said, putting on his US made arctic camo suit.

"Yeah, we're fine," agreed Chip, inside his black bullet proof, fire proof trench coat.

The copter lowered over a house, and Skywolf and Chip jumped out. A lady greeted them in English and beckoned them inside to their rooms. They slept like logs until the next day, when they got breakfast and started loading up. They had made the plan before they left, Chip would go up to the gate with Skywolf as sniper cover, then play it by ear, foolproof.


Chip had been very specific in what weapons he wanted, he had asked for a fast-shooting, low-kicking firearm, and also a Japanese Katana short sword. So Skywolf, knowing more about guns than Chip, gave him a pair of silenced, compensated laser-aimed Glock 18's and a specialty Glock .40 calibre pistol. Skywolf also gave Chip a K-Bar throwing knife. The 18's were in shoulder holsters, the .40 was in an ankle holster and the Katana was in the middle of his back in a sheath.

Skywolf, however, was a bit more loaded out. He had a Knights SR25 sniper rifle, two compensated Silenced Colt .45 ACP Silver ballers, and a golden .500 Magnum Desert Eagle.

"Let's go," he said promptly.


They approached the Mafia base with caution. Chip was to ride his red Kawasaki motorcycle up to the guards and distract them, or even kill them.

"OK Chip, go!" said Skywolf. Chip rode out, up to the gate, where the two guards stopped him.

"Hi guys!" he said chirpily, as if making fun of them.

"You are not allowed to be here," droned the guards together, "go away."

"Well, damn, OK," and as he went to turn, one of the guards saw his guns.

"STOP!" the guard yelled, Chip turned around, "You are carrying weapons, drop them, NOW!" he ordered.

"Nah, don't want to," replied Chip and turned for his guns, but the Russian was faster and whipped his gun up and levelled it at Chip's head. BLAM! The body fell with a small "thud" on the soft snow, BLAM!


Skywolf looked through his scope at his handiwork. Both Russian guards had dropped the moment the 5.56 mm bullet had passed through their heads.

"Bloody good," he remarked as he looked at the red blood splatters on the walls.

"Bloody good."


Meanwhile, Chip had frozen in fear on his draw, as he reached for his guns, a thought passed through his mind.

"What the hell am I doing? I can't beat these guys, I'm not trained or anything. I am going to die." That thought froze him, so there he stood, silently, looking at the walls, the blood on the walls, and breathing heavily. A hand touched him on the shoulder and as a reflex action he drew his guns and turned.

"Whoa buddy! Don't shoot! It's me man," Skywolf said, startled.

"I'm sorry, I just…froze," Chip said shakingly.

"Nah it's alright, you did OK, just remember next time, just think I'm the best, I can do this! And you'll be all right, OK?"

"Yep, I got ya,"

"When we get back, I'll teach you how to shoot properly, but for now, just squeeze a couple off over there, OK, go," Chip slowly depressed the trigger of his Glocks and let forth a three round burst from each, and found that they didn't kick at all.

"Wow, that was…fun," Chip stated, half sarcastically.

"Yeah, but remember, there's nothing there to shoot back at you, so next time, do it faster."

"OK" said Chip, nodding.

"Well, right then, let's go." Skywolf walked over to the gate control and flipped it over to close the gate so no cars could escape. Then he walked in.


The base was so desolate, one would think it was an abandoned place, but suddenly a siren went off and scared the shit out of the boys.

"Fuck," said Skywolf.

"Lunchtime," said a voice from inside the house they were leaning against, they let out a sigh of relief. Then Skywolf got up.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Chip.

"Doing our mission! No witnesses, and the whole base must be destroyed, so I'm gonna do my job!" Skywolf replied.

"OK, I'll come with you." Suddenly, without warning, a man grabbed Skywolf from behind, and put a gun to his head.

"Don't…move!" the man said ominously, as Chip, in another reflex action, pulled out the K-Bar knife he was given, and hurled it at the man's head. The knife turned in the air as if in slow-motion. The blade entered through the man's right eye and went into his brain, killing him instantly. The man fell face first onto the ground, and the force of the fall onto the handle of the knife pushed it in even further, causing it to penetrate the other side of his skull and gruesomely stick out from the back of his head, making a full trip through the man's head.

"Good bloody throw!!!" said Skywolf, genuinely impressed.

"Holy shit! I just killed a guy! I didn't know I could do that!" Chip said, ecstatically.

"Yeah, good one," said Skywolf, slowly extracting the blade from the mans head, and handing it back to Chip, bits of brain matter sticking off it. "Now we're even. Now, down to business." He drew his .45's and Chip drew his Glocks, putting the selector to "full auto" and they walked out into the heart of the base, ready to unleash hell.


Skywolf was an unstoppable killing machine; he just walked through the clouds of men, blowing their heads off left and right, without even flinching.

"Holy shit! I just killed a guy! I didn't know I could do that!" Skywolf said, mocking Chip. This caused the men to run off in groups, which then let Chip rip with his Glocks, blowing all the guys in the groups to fucking bits. This is cool, Chip thought, letting forth another burst of gunfire.

"Yeeha!" Skywolf yelled over the clatter of AKMS assault rifles and machine guns. "They're almost all dead! Just those five over there," he said, pointing to a box which was protecting five AKMS toting Russian Mafia thugs.

"I can't get through the box, and their blind fire will soon find its mark!" Chip exclaimed, worriedly.

"I know what I can do!" Skywolf drew his Desert Eagle, swapped the clips from hollow points to copper jackets, took aim and fired… BOOM!!! The shot sounded like a cannon being fired. The Desert Eagle let forth a foot of flame and propelled a copper jacket at the box, which went straight through, and into a Russian's head. BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! Chip checked into the box to find the Russian's mutilated, blood drenched bodies, with gaping holes from the powerful Desert Eagle bullets. They walked over to the main building, in which their target was cringed behind a chair.

"Game time," Skywolf said, with a sadistic grin. He turned to Chip and nodded, and Chip gave him his guns.