Skywolf and Chip sat in the 747 silently, nursing their wounds. They were both near the point of death, and they considered themselves lucky that they were alive. After the fifteen minute plane trip, the 747 landed near the house, and the boys slowly made their way.

"God damn, my leg hurts!" Chip whinged as they neared the door.

"Oh shut up would you mine are worse than yours," Skywolf angrily replied. Chip quickly, and wisely, shut up. They made their way into the house and Marie hastily shoved them into the med bay. There they had the bullets removed from their bodies and the wounds bandages. Then they made their way to their room, only to see a dark silhouette in their room.

"Oh what the fuck now?" Skywolf yelled.

"Wait wait it's only me boys," said an English voice. The lights turned on and there stood Charlie.

"God damn you scared the shit out of me!" Chip said.

"Well sorry about that, but I have something here that might help you out." Charlie said.

"Go away Charlie I'm not in the mood!" Skywolf said.

"Well I think you're going to like what I have to say…" Charlie trailed off.

"Fine then what is it?" Chip asked.

"Well, here I have some ultra strength painkillers, some wound healing tablets, and some special drugs that you might want to use." Charlie said excitedly.

"Well I like the sound of that! What do the special drugs do?" Skywolf asked.

"Well Chip's tablets will give him great stamina and near perfect accuracy with thrown weapons"

"Ha like I need those I'm good enough already!" Chip cockily remarked.

"Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but one day you WILL run out of luck and will get killed. But back to the point, Skywolf's tablets will give him ultra-strength and great accuracy with guns"

"Cool" Skywolf said. The boys took their painkillers, which gave them a massive kick, but tasted horrible, and their wound healing tablets, which gave them a strange tingling feeling in their wounds. They also took their drugs, and then went to bed.

"Seeya Charlie, talk to you later" the boys said. Then they went to bed and nodded off to sleep.


The boys woke up early, because they had to get back to Perth for their last day of school. Surprisingly, their wounds were nearly healed already, and there was no pain whatsoever. What shit did he give us? Chip thought. They got dressed and went to the 747 to take them back. After the trip across the hemispheres, they arrived in Perth at around 6am. Then they caught a free-of-charge taxi trip back to Skywolf's house. When they got there they got in their uniform and headed for school.


It was 5th period, and Chip had nearly fallen asleep.

"And the formula for ammonium is…" The teacher droned on and on and on. Chip was day dreaming about the girl he liked, when he heard a small, muffled CRACK! SPLAT! When he looked towards the teacher, he saw her mutilated head, and behind it, brains splattered all across the whiteboard. Chip had no time to celebrate because just at that moment, another crack and Chip's friend Chris Howard's head exploded in a giant bloody mass that splattered all over Chip. Just then Chris's friends head exploded as well spraying his head pieces all over Skywolf.

'Goddammit! This is not the day I had planned!' yelled Chip as he drew his knife from its ankle sheath and pelted it with deadly accuracy through the mans eye into his brain.

'God those tablets really worked!' exclaimed Skywolf.

Everybody else was ducking and screaming and Skywolf and Chip walked out and looked at the body, they immediately realised it as one of the mafia thugs, probably back to assassinate them for revenge. Suddenly they heard a burst of automatic gunfire and some screaming from the gym.

'Get to the car!' exclaimed Skywolf, 'get the gear!'

'What about you!?'

'I'll go check it out I'll be fine go!'

Chip decided to do as he was told and ran for Skywolf's car, a minute later Skywolf showed up huffing and puffing.

'Let's go' he managed to say between puffs. Chip started extracting the gear.