You make me love you

And yet I cannot touch what I perceive

I can cut the tension with a knife

And I know you see

I know you see

Staring at each other through monitors

I know you feel the same way

I know you feel

That you found someone that solves your mysteries

And you are right

I am the detective

Planning a midnight run to Chicago

Because we both know, we will be in a city

We do not know with people we have never met


I know we will dance

To Sam Cooke, nice and slow

Once we get to Chicago,

Embracing each other like we hold

Each second, not letting go no matter what

The candles will flicker

And whether we wear jeans

Or fancy clothes

We will sway and realize

This is the love

We were never sure existed

This is the love

That was so unknown

We understand

And we believe

That the only difference between us

Is a thousand miles

And in our hearts we are no longer

A love unknown