She stood in front of the mirror, smiling at her reflection. Nothing could spoil tonight. Her face was clear of blemishes, her teeth shone pearly white. You could almost see right through the skin to the glowing heart in her chest. She was the happiest girl alive. She applied her pink lipstick carefully and covered her lovely eyelids with a shimmering purple shadow. It matched perfectly with her flowing silk dress. The dress that sat perfectly on her curves, with elegant details at the waist. Perfect. Everything. Her cheeks held a light pink blush, and her eyes sparkled in the dim light in her room. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand. She had fifteen minutes before her date was to arrive. Her new boyfriend. It was amazing. She'd never felt so optimistic. She felt perfect. She took out her bottle of perfume. It smelled of lavender, and she sprayed just the right amount in the air, walking through it with her eyes closed. This night was going to be one she'd never forget.

As she stood there in front of her mirror, she heard the phone ring behind the soft melodies of her CD. She let it continue to ring, and knew her mother would answer it if it was important. She busied herself with her hair, adjusting the pins and curls. It was beautiful, and so was she.

"Natalie!" her mother called up the stairs. "Will you come down here please?"

She stood there for a moment, almost forgetting her mother's words in her stupor. She turned and walked out of the room slowly, taking the steps carefully and slowly like a runway model. She felt so elegant in her formal attire, and couldn't wait to see her date, Greg. Her new boyfriend. She just loved the thought of that word.

Natalie walked into the kitchen to find her mom holding the phone out to her, a frown on her face, her hand seeming to shake. Natalie didn't notice, for her mood was too good to be ruined by something that simple. She put the phone up to her ear and spoke.

"Hello?" she said sweetly, waiting for a reply.

"Hello, Natalie?" the voice sounded familiar, but it was shaking, like her mothers hand, making it hard to identify the speaker. "This is Mrs. Roberts, Greg's mother. We're afraid he can't take you to the prom tonight. He -"

"What?" Natalie interjected. Her happiness was ebbing away far too quickly. "Why not?" Her voice was hurt and raised. Thoughts raced through her head quickly. Was it another girl? Was he getting his mom to break up with her over the phone? She wanted nothing more than to throw accusations at the woman, but thought it better to hear her out first. She paused.

"He's been in… an accident. He's in the hospital right now. I'm sorry, but I'm sure he wishes he could be there."

Natalie's anger quickly vanished, fear consuming her. Images of him broken and fading crossed her mind. Her lip trembled. He was her best friend.

"Is he alright?" she asked, now almost hysterical.

"I don't know, I just don't know."

The phone clicked, and the mother hung up. Natalie fell to the floor in her perfect dress on what appeared to be a perfect night, and started to cry.