Teen Killer


Adrian Lewis walked sulkily through the mall with nothing to do. He had spent all of his allowance and knew that if he went home his dad would get pissed off and if he stayed he was just going to have to be bored. He had just passed the eating plaza with Taco Bell and Papa Gino's pizza place, when he noticed a boy that was in his Science and Technology class in junior high. His name was… Marcus. All he knew was that he didn't seem very nice and had called him a piece of chicken shit so he had stayed away from him. He noticed that was bullying a girl to give him her wallet but she wouldn't give it to him. Just as he turned his head he heard a scream. He saw the girl fall to the tiled arcade floor in a pool of her own blood…

Chapter 1:

Adrian stared at his junior high school with hatred. He hated the school. Everything about it was bad, the teachers, the lunch food, everything! As he walked up the stairs he met up with his friend Nina. She was blonde and blue-eyed and was the hit for all the fly boys that she seemed to detest. Adrian was the only guy (as so she said) that didn't like for what she looked like.

"Hey Nina," he said as he walked up the steps.

"Hey. What's up?" she said.

"Nothin really," he replied.

"How was the party at Dustin's?" she asked. "I wasn't there."

"Oh ok, but Marcus was a jerk as usual."

"Do you think he knows that you know what he did?" she asked again.

"Dunno but lets head to class." The two of them walked into the school and went to English class for first period. Adrian was nervous that Marcus knew that he had seen him commit the crime. I still was getting over that he had witnessed a real crime. There was no point in denying it, Marcus was a murderer. Bu who was it that he killed? Could it have been Faith his girlfriend? She wasn't in school it seemed. He would have to see in Math class in second period. As he and Nina walked into the classroom Marcus as usual was in a fight with Damien. The two 8th graders had done this since 5th grade.

"Settle down, settle down," said Mrs. Woodland. "and take out your text books!" They all took out their 1000 page text book out of their backpacks and but them on the desks in front of them.

"No turn to page 765 and answer all the questions. Number 1 through 20. Got it? Now hop to it!" They all started working with their heads bent down…

* * * *

"Thank god that's over," said Nina to Adrian as they headed out of Mrs. Woodland class room heading for Mr. Albertson's Math class before break.

"Oh I know!" said Adrian agreeing. "I was so bored I thought I would die!" Just then out of the corner of his eye he saw Marcus going into the girls bathroom thinking he was not seen. Adrian went numb. He remembered the day in the mall. He knew who he had killed. Nina's sister Alice. She was only in 7th grade but was going out with 8th graders.

"Um… Nina u got to class I'll see you there I have to do something."

"Can I come?" Nina asked.

"If ya want. I'm going to follow Marcus to see what he's up to. I just saw him go into the girl bath-" but he was cut off by a scream. Everyone in the hallway stopped and looked at the bathroom door. All the girls ran up to the bathroom door but only one was brave enough to go… Nina. She slowly walked up to the door and pushed it open. The lights were out but she flicked them on…in the middle of the bathroom floor in a pool of her own blood was Kelly Jones a 7th grader. Nina shrieked and ran out of the bathroom white as a sheet!

"Kelly… Jones… dead… knife!" was all she could get out until she lapsed into a fit of tears.

"Oh my god!!" screamed Heather Lakeside. "She's dead! She's stabbed!" then she fainted. The entire group was crowding the girls bathroom in hallway 1C go get a glimpse of the corpse shouting and crying, until a teacher came.

"Why aren't you all in your classrooms?" shouted Ms. Flogette.

"Kelly Moore is dead in the bathroom and everyone wants to see her!" said Kelly best friend Rachel and went into another fit of tears.

"What is this junk?!" screeched Ms. Flogette and charged into the bathroom and screamed for them to get Mr. Whitmore the principle when she was what lay inside. Mary Campbell ran to get him.

Adrian was so surprised he was speechless. Nina was out of her fit of tears and was telling him to do something! But the only thing Adrian could do was stand there for he knew who the murderer was and was so scared he didn't know what to do. Should he rat on Marcus or stay quiet. He was always in danger of getting killed himself…

TO BE CONTIUED…(in later chapters)