Amazing Woman

Tragedy engulfs you

You drown in your doubts

Yet float in your dreams

Weighed down only by your flaws

Condemned for greatness

Only you don't seem aware of it yet

Oh, how ambitious you are!

And you sure do have the smarts to follow through

Oh, how compassionate you are!

I know you'll go on to help others with such success

Just never give up

Let your anger push you to want something more

Just keep on strong

You're going to be an amazing woman

Heck, you're already a kick-ass young woman

Just keep dreaming

Just keep reaching for those stars

If you work for it

Someday soon, you'll be picking stars instead of clovers

You won't need that petty luck

'Cause you'll have millions of dreams come true

Right within your grasp

Just promise me one thing

Don't you ever give in to your doubts!