Plausible Denial: December 24 2005

Decrepit half-lives
were always bound
for shambles

Whimpers will be drowned
so incoherent on the quay

Say, all you un united
adamants and pro opponents
interchange may be sublime but
freezes when you cannot think

Today mel meets william
strum guitars and adore
the coos of quickening girls
lying giddily in state

They're truly sort of bored
but utterly fixated
on appetizing spurts and sputters
man's child starts to sink

This is social reductionism
epinephrine epiphany
time to degauss all these cute bits
insulated will be cut free

Contempt is always septic
a floozy uzi sore
lavish death is anorectic
I can't vomit anymore

If you can't define it
just defy it
can't describe it
then deify it

No more super fun
or treasured bondage
no more 'heroin with guns'
no lovely new age

This is the eulogy of logic
visionary entropy
hypha spurt their clouds now
just wait a bit and see

Gorged on endless ideal idols
pinpointed by our id thread
how many viruses can fit on...
dissimulation is a warhead

I'll hack your signs to pieces
mouth strychnine stricture
and we fall

Don't deny the truth today:
we could have saved it all.

A.N. Pluto's Kiss.