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Darling at Night



Extravaganza noun. a very spectacular show

::Darling's POV::

When I first saw him, really saw him, it was at a concert. It was a small club, but not a small crowd, everyone was packed into it. Heat was radiating from all sides and the dim lights made shadows appear on the moving mass of people. The music was deafening, the sound vibrating on the floor. Bodies were jumping to the beat, and arms were raised, cheers came from all around.

And then I looked over.

Standing ten feet away, there he stood, as still as the moving crowed allowed him to be. Brown hair beaded with sweat, falling messily into his face. Tall and graceful, his arms were held motionlessly at his sides. His amber eyes were glazed, unfocused on anything, staring off into space.

He titled his head back and closed his eyes.

Recognition dawned on me, and I felt my breath be pulled out from my lungs in violent shock. What was one of the most popular boys in school doing here of all places where most of his worst 'enemy's' were. It didn't help any that he was my current crush.

I didn't get to contemplate on it when his eyes snapped open and he turned to look at me straight in the eye, and I felt myself be freeze in the spot where I was standing. His eyes lost its glazed look, and his tawny eyes were so sharp and focused, that it felt like they cut through my soul. Picking me apart and putting me together again, making me feel dizzy and unsteady.

I snapped out of my revere, when my sister jerking me hard enough so I was looking at her, I glanced back over my shoulder to find the crowed had swallowed him up. I took a shaky breath and glanced over at her.

"Are you all right," My sister, Lovely, screamed above the pounding noise.

"I don't feel so good," I yelled back at her, "Can we go home, please?"

She frowned but nodded agreeing with me, grabbing my hand and pulled me through the sea of bodies, right out into the chilly night air. We raced toward our beat up car, trying to get away form the cold wind.

When my door slammed shut, Lovely slipped the metal teeth of the key into the ignition, and turned it. The engine started to rumble and I reached forward to turn on the heat, shivering when cold air hit me from the vents, little by little turning warm.

"Seatbelt on," I asked Lovely. A bad habit of mine, ever since I could remember I wouldn't drive in a vehicle unless everyone had seatbelts on.

My sister rolled her eyes at me and then frowned again, "So are you alright you looked like you were going to faint in there?"

"I just saw someone, and I guess it must have gave me a shock or something," I said and leaned back in the lumpy seat, soaking up the heat that our car was producing.

"And who did you see, was it that creep Andrew, cause I'll totally kick his ass if he has been bothering you again," She said so fiercely that it made me laugh.

"No it wasn't him," I looked at my wonderful sister, "I just thought I saw, you not going to believe this, Nick Sanders, at the club."

"Your right I don't believe you," Something flashed across Lovely's face fear, worry, I didn't have time to study it any closer because it was gone as quickly as it came, "Why the hell would he be there, if anyone saw him, I mean anyone with a social status," A small glare from me, which she chose to ignore, "It would be the end of him, it makes absolutely no sense, you must have just saw someone who looked like him."

I sighed, "But I could have sworn it was him," I shivered at the memory of locking eyes with him. The intensity of the gaze was forever burned into my mind, another shivered ran through me and I sighed and tried to slide deeper into my seat. "Yeah I'm sure your right couldn't have been him," I said out loud, he's never looked at me that way before, I finished quietly in my mind. In fact he has never looked at me with anything other than utter hate and disgust.

Our car traveled up the ramp onto the highway, and out of the city, I leaned my head against the window as Lovely turned up the music. The next thing I knew my sister was shaking me a wake, as we pulled up into the driveway of our house.

Not worrying about having to sneak in, since it was a school night, because our parents were on their second honey moon. We tramped through the door, and headed to our rooms. "Night Darling, my darling."

I smiled at the bad joke. "And goodnight to you, lovely Lovely," I said as I closed my door of my room.

My room was small, but not overbearingly so. The dark blue walls were starting to crack, and I refused to let my parents repaint it, that argument had ended nastily. But I refused to surrender, the color was my favorite and the color was not being made anymore. The beckoning bed called to me, violet bedspread contrasted against the walls, and I looked around my room. My own little sanctuary.

I feel on the bed with my clothes still on, and the mattresses protest under my weight. My eyes stared up at the ceiling unwilling to go to sleep, but the softness of my pillow soon won the battle and I snuggled deeper into it and closed my eyes. Letting the welcomed darkness come over me.

All too soon I heard my alarm clock sounding, and creaked my sleep crusted eyes open enough to see light spilling in from the open curtains. And the insistent alarm kept screaming at me to get up. Time to face school, I wonder if Lovely would let me skip, but then again I had that big test in English today, so sluffing was out of the question.

"Come on Darling," my sister screamed opening my door and throwing my backpack at me. I sat up and titled a little as the world swayed.

I walked slowly out of my room still in the clothes from last night, and shuffled my stuff out of the door were Lovely was sitting impatiently in the car. I never could figure out how she ran on so little sleep. The beeping of the horn startled me out of my thoughts, and I hurried and climbed in. Then another thought came to me, I would be seeing Nick today, my heart fluttered unnecessarily, ok so maybe I like him just a bit.

Then another realization hit me like a brick, Nick was in my English, not only that he sat behind me. I gulped silently as we pulled into an empty parking space of our school, which was now looming threatening over or heads. I swear I could just feel the black cloud over my head grow bigger.

As we climbed the steps of the school, I had a feeling that this day going to bad, that feeling was reinforced as I ran into someone. I looked up slightly annoyed, that was my first mistake, and my eyes met the persons who I had ran into. Lovely gave a frightful little gasp, and I wondered for a split second why she would be afraid. Amber eyes met my mine, and the same felling I felt last night came rushing back to me in full force.


"Your life was never real, it was all story,"

"It was real to me.."