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Chapter Two


Lie noun. something that someone says is false

::Darlings POV::

My throat became dry as I looked up at Nick Sanders. I know I must have resembled a fish, seeing that my mouth was gapping wide open in surprise. My face drained of what color it had as I stared.

"Come on Darling," Lovely said, tugging on my arm, trying to get me to move. Unable to look away from the boy standing in front of me, I suddenly forget that I needed air to survive.

"Darling?" Lovely asked again, letting go of me when I didn't move. Breaking my gaze from him, I maneuvered my head cautiously to look at her, feeling Nick stare intently at the back of my head.

My sister's mouth move, asking me something, and I stared at her trying to keep the world into focus. Shapes began to blur, colors melted together, a feeling like getting shocked by electricity ran through my body, leaving it tingling painfully. I felt my lungs to start to burn from the lack of air and my ears pounded making the world unbearably silent. I looked over at my sister in panic, seeing that she was screaming something at Nick I looked over at him.

The last thing I saw was his hand, surrounded by an eerie glow, stretched out towards me, as the floor of the school came rushing to meet me before everything went black.

::Nick's POV::

"What are you doing to him," The youngest of the keepers screamed at me, drawing the gazes of students, "It's not time yet, you can't have him…,"

She cut off as her 'brother' fell to the floor, blue eyes fluttering shut in pain, looking at me before they closed in unconsciousness. A stab of regret hit me for what I had done, before I brushed it off and continued to do the job I had been assigned to these past years. Bending down to pick him up, slinging his arm over my shoulder and grabbing his waist to keep him up.

"What are you doing, keep away from him…," She started up again, unaware of the crowd drawing around us.

I let a out a hiss of annoyances and whirled around to face her, "Do you want them to call a hospital, lets see you try to explain why he isn't on any of their stupid human records, now shut up and help me get him out of here."

Her mouth snapped shut, and she looked worriedly at the unconsciousness boy in my arms before she took his other arm. Walking quickly out of the building, leaving the commotion behind us, we moved as fast as we could down the stairs carrying the boy.

I noted with surprise that boy I was sent to retrieve weighed as little as he did, I mean, every time I observed him at lunch he would usually eat enough for two people. I brushed my thoughts off for later, and set him down gingerly against the side of the school wall, away from prying eyes.

"Was that necessary, knocking him out, the reminiscent would of happen eventually," The young keeper asked me, bending over the boy, patting his cheeks gently as if to wake him from the magically induced coma.

"I didn't have eventually, it needed to happen today before I took him back to the Inbetween," I said not really looking at the keeper, instead looking at the trembling boy, who was scratching at his arms in an attempt to get rid off an invisible flame.

The keeper's head snapped to look at me, "They said we could keep him until he was old enough, he just barely turned to sixteen, Darling can't possible complete the task you have set out for him. You no right to…,"

"No right, he belongs to the Inbetween, we have every right to do with him as we please," I hissed tearing my eyes off the boy, "The Inbetween is dying faster than we would have guessed, it is a necessary that we take him back, and if he can't complete the task he is an excessive property can be replaced easily if he fails."

She glared at me, "He's not a thing that you can just throw away, he is a living breathing person, no one owns him," She stood up from the now still boy, "I won't let you take him, he's my brother…,"

"You forget your place keeper, he is not your brother," I said coldly, "He was placed in you and your parents care until we needed him, his whole life has been a deception so he wouldn't suspect anything unusual."

"Lovely," We both looked down at him, he was looking up at us, his voice was laced with uncertainty, "What's he talking about, what does he mean I'm not your brother, Lovely?"

"I'm so sorry Darling, we should have told you…" The keeper's voice cracked as she looked at him, a pleading look in her eyes. The lost look on his face, made my chest tighten in regret and my heartstrings pull painfully.


::Darlings POV::

The sky was gray, and lighting struck up in them lighting them up every few seconds. Looking around I could see that the whole world was grey, like in an old black and white film. The storm that raged silently around me began to strengthen, and the place where I stood began to turn began to black with rot and decay. Stumbling in horror, I fell backwards, trying to flee form the dying world around me.

"Holy Shit…," I let out as my hand hit the ground, black rot covering it, hotter than any thing I've ever felt. Crying out in pain, I tried to pull it off, the horrible stuff gliding on to my other hand. Scratching at them was a futile attempt, they just kept burning deeper into my skin.

Something wet hit my cheek and for a secand I thought that must have been crying, but when another hit me again, I looked up. The lightning had stopped and the winds had become gentle, it had started to rain, washing the world around me and taking the pain off my hands. The black rot fell off every time a rain drop hit it, sliding off onto the ground, dissolving into a million little pieces before disappearing completely.

The was coming into focus and I sat up, feeling dizzy and disoriented, with utter confusion as I heard noise in this silent world. "…he is not your brother," said and all to familiar voice, "He was placed in you and your parents care until we needed him, his whole life has been a deception so he wouldn't suspect anything unusual."

What was he talking about, I looked at my stricken sister, feeling like a little kid just after a nightmare wanting the reassurance of my older sister, "Lovely," I asked, looking up at them, "What's he talking about, what does he mean I'm not your brother, Lovely?"

"I'm so sorry Darling, we should have told you…,"My sisters voiced was laced in sorrow, and I felt a slow dread fill the bottom of my stomach. Her pleading eyes sent a uncertainty that I had never felt for a long time, this had to be some kind of joke.


My sister broke down, wraping her arms around me and crying into my shoulder, "I'm so sorry Darling, we should have told you from the begging, we didn't want you to know," Lovely sobbed, and I felt more fear fell me, "We fell in love with you when they gave you to us, we didn't know that they would becoming for you so soon."

"Lovely, what's going on, what are you talking about…," I asked completely forgetting about Nick, that was until he spoke up, startling us.

"You are not her brother, and your life has been nothing but a little story to keep you happy until we came of use for you," Nick said harshly, not looking me in the eye, when he spoke, "I am taking you back to the Inbetween, and you would do wise Keeper not to try and stop us."

"What are you talking about-hey let me go, what are you doing…,"I had started to talk when he painfully grabbed my arm, yanking me out of my sisters embrace, and dragging me upwards.

"Darling, don't worry it'll be all right," Lovely said, if she was trying to reassure me or her, I never got to ask. For the next thing I knew Nick grabbed me tightly against him, which I would have enjoyed immensely under different circumstances, and grabbing something out of his pocket, smashing it on the ground.

Smoke flooded my vision, and my feet jerked under my feet, sending me tumbling like Alice down the rabbit hole. Into a world that I had never remembering being, but feeling oddly familiar, landing in an overly done courtyard. The only thing keeping me up was Nick, the ground felt unsteady and the world as I looked around seemed to move to it's own accord.

Coming to my senses, and hoping that I wasn't blushing to badly, I pushed away from Nick. Falling flat on my ass wasn't exactly how I planned it, but with everything that had happen so far, I didn't really blame myself for being unsteady on my feet.

"What the Fuck, what did you do, where am I," I more or less screamed up at him from my position, then looking around franticly, "Where is my sister?"

"She isn't your sister, you don't have a sister, your whole life was a lie, it was never real," Nicked yelled down at me, and to my horror and to his, I felt tears begun to run freely down my cheeks. Looking almost guilty, Nick bent forward and wiped them off, brushing back my curly black hair from my face.

"It was real to me," I sobbed, burying my face in his shoulder, knowing I would regret this later but not really caring anymore, "It was real to me…,"


"Nickolase, You are now relived of our obligation to this boy...,"

"I won't let you take him away from me...,"