A/N: A one-shot since I was bored and having writer's block on my other stories.


Raindrops fell from the sky. He was alone. He was too late. To say his real feelings to the one he had loved. It was too late. Too late. Water dripped down from his reddish blonde hair onto the ground. His pale green eyes were wet with water. Whether it be from the rain or his tears. He didn't care. It was too late to say the three words he wanted to say to her. Too late. His clothes were wet through and through with the rain water but he didn't care. He didn't care about anything anymore. His love was gone. Died so easily. Why? Why does the Angel of Death do such things to him? It had taken away his family, his friends, and now his love. Hasn't it tortured him enough? Hasn't it?!

He missed her warmth. Her scent. Her shining brown eyes. Her beautiful black hair. Her out-going personality. Everything about her.

Wind blew around him, whistling in his ears and through the trees. He shivered and he didn't blame him. His black shirt and blue jeans were soaked through and his black jacket didn't help matters for it wasn't waterproof. He wished he had brought along an umbrella when he had gone out to visit the grave. His eyes softened at the sight of the grave. It was made from stone and had beautiful designs on it. The name was written elegently and stated the birthdate and the deathdate. Then the rain turned into a drizzle and finally stopped. The clouds disappeared, revealing a clear black midnight blue sky where the blue moon hung over everything.

Suddenly, it became colder and he shivered while looking back. A figure was walking towards him, its long black cloak covering its features, making it hard to figure out whether it was female or male.

"Who are you?" the boy asked, shivering still.

The figure pulled off its hood to reveal a beautiful female face. Her hair was blonde and reached to her shoulders and her eyes were the palest of blue and showed no emotions. The cloak swayed in the wind, revealing parts of what seem to be a black mini skirt and a white turtleneck blouse with a pair of black elbow high gloves and silvery blue boots which reached nearly up to her knees.

"Who are you?" the boy asked once more.

"The Angel of Death, Life, and Rebirth." the answer was no more than a whisper in the wind.

"You! You're the one who caused her death! Why did you do it!?!?!?" the boy yelled in anger at the Angel.

Her eyes looked down to her hand. His eyes trailed down as well and widen. The Angel's right hand glowed and a single flower appeared. It was black tipped with white and was still a bud.


"What does that have to do with anything?!" the boy asked angrily.

"Look...." was all the Angel said to the question.

The boy looked and eyes widen once more. The bud was slowly becoming to bloom right in front of his eyes. Then...after several seconds, the petals turned grey and began falling from the stem.

"What does this prove?!" he yelled.

"All things must live...and all things must die. That is what keeps the Nature of Balance balanced." the Angel stated softly. She let go of the now dead flower. It dropped to the ground, not making a single sound. "It is my duty to maintain the Balance."

"Can't you bring her back?" the boy pleaded.

The Angel looked directly at the boy, eyes shining with no emotion though the boy say it flicker a hint of sorrow. "Yes...but it can only be done...through reincarnation...."


The Angel nodded solemnly. "She won't remember anything from her previous life. Not even you. She will have another life, another personality depending on the way she was raised. But...."

"But what?"

"She will slowly start remembering her past life. Slowly but surely. She

":will remember you and everyone else she loved and cared about. Her friends, her family, her life style. Everything."


"When she comes to the age of 4, she will slowly start to remember her life." the Angel answered. "The Angel of Memory wished for this."

"When will she be reincarnated?" the boy asked eagerly.

"Ten years from now. But you...shall die tomorrow."

"Am I being reincarnated as will?"

"You will...depending on the Angel of Justice and Judgement. He will look at your life, deciding if you deserve a second chance." the Angel put back on her hood. "Now...I must go. Death is near. I wish you well for I shall come tomorrow...."

The Angel of Death, Life, and Rebirth then disappeared in the shadows. The boy turned to look at the grave of his love and smiled.

"I guess I will be joining you soon...."


"Destiny! Are you okay?!" a hand was waved in front of a female's face. Brown eyes blinked as black bangs covered parts of her eyes. She swept the bangs away and tucked a strand of her raven black hair behind her ears.

"What is it Nan?" the girl asked.

The said blonde girl pouted. "Don't call me that."

Destiny faked a pout as well. "Aw. But you only let me and Daere call you that. It makes me feel special!"

The blonde girl's dark blue eyes shone with distraction. "Fine. You can call me that. What were you thinking about?"

"That new boy. He was so freaking hot!!!" Destiny squealed.

Nancy rolled her eyes. "You think a lot of boys are hot."

"But this guy is very hot!"

"That's what the rest of the female population think too 'cept me, of course." Nancy replied.

"But he looked very familiar...." Destiny placed an index finger on her chin as if she was thinking.

Nancy smiled. "Maybe you did, maybe you didn't."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you have very bad memory." and Nancy laughed.

"Hey! You have worst than me!"

"Not really. We're pretty much even."

"Fine. Think I can catch a glampse of him now?" Destiny sounded oddly hopeful.

Nancy shrugged. "I guess. I need to go get something. Wait for me out in the yard." and she headed out to the door only to bump into a boy with silver hair and green eyes.

"Oh sorry Nan."

"Daere...." Nancy said.


"You're just the person I was looking for! Come on!" and Nancy dragged the boy out of the room, leaving Destiny and a couple of the people in the room to look at the two weirdly.

"I always wonder if they're a couple...."


"Well they certain seem like it! I mean. Look how close they are!"

"Good point...maybe they are secretly dating!"

"No way! Daere is mine!"

"But you gotta admit, they make a pretty cute couple."


"He's still mine! Not that girl's!"

"I don't know Kiara. You seem to be fighting a losing battle here...especially from how Daere act around Nancy."

"It doesn't matter! Daere and I are soulmates! He belongs to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Destiny giggled softly and rose out of her seat and headed out the door towards the yard. She was the only one who knew that the two were indeed dating secretly. Daere was one of the most cutest and popular guys at school as well as Nancy only it was for girls. Destiny was around the middle but her reputation rose a bit after being friends with the two. Her uniform, a black mini skirt, a white button blouse, and a black vest with the school's emblem on the left side, fluttered in the harsh wind. Her hair was braided and her ears were pieced with a pair of diamond stud earrings.

She sighed. Life was great but...she couldn't help but feel like something was missing....

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry!"

Destiny blinked a couple times and saw that she was on the ground, legs bent in front of her and a boy was standing in front of her, panicking.

"Oh my god! I wasn't looking where I was going! Are you alright?!" the boy asked. He looked like he was about to faint from the fact that Destiny was on the ground.

Destiny laughed and got up. "Don't worry. I'm fine."

"Are you hurt anywhere?" the boy asked.

She dusted herself and extended a hand. "No. I'm Destiny. How about you?"

The boy shook her hand and smiled, relief that the girl wasn't hurt at all. "Edward but you can call me Eddie."

Destiny grinned. So this was the new kid she was hearing about? She saw pictures of him but it doesn't exactly capture his true self. In fact...his personality makes her laugh and the only other one who did that was Nancy. Then again...that was how she made so much friends. She had a tendacy to make people laugh without knowing it and she had a way of cheering people up with her unique personality. Destiny has yet to find someone else beside her and Daere who understands the blonde girl very well.

"Nice to meet you."

"Des!" The two turned to see Nancy and Daere running towards them.

"Hey Nan! Eddie, this is Nancy and Daere. They're my best and closest friends." Destiny introduced.

Nancy grinned. "Hey."

"What did you need to do earlier?" Destiny asked, remembering their conversation in the classroom.

Nancy smiled. "Something. So Ed, wanna come with us to the mall? I heard they have a new arcade game set up...."

Eddie's face brighten. "Sure! I love arcades!"

"Great. Let's go then!" and Destiny, without knowing, led Eddie off to the mall. Daere and Nancy smiled behind them.

"So...everything went out the way you wanted huh?"

Nancy turned to look at Daere. "What do you mean?"

"Kianna...." Daere muttered.

Nancy grinned. "Fine. It did. But it's thanks to you anyway."

"Hey. You did most of the work with the reincarnation part. Reincarnation is part of Rebirth."

"I know. But you're the Angel of Justice and Judgement. It's only because you decided to let them be reincarnated did...."

Daere laughed. "There's no use arguing with you is there."

Nancy crossed her arms. "You know there isn't. So...ready to watch them fall in love with each other once more?"

Daere grinned. "You know I am."

"And this time...I know there is a happy ending."