The following story is a difficult one to describe. It's a tale of so many things: friendship, true love, war, and the deep struggles within ourselves. It's a mystery relating both to the world around the main character as well as himself. There is not really one plot line, so it's hard to describe.

I wrote this story both to entertain as well as to end an old part of my life, to which this story somewhat parallels. Thus the name, Parallel Parvadine. Parvadine is the city where the story takes place in part one, and likely the story (if continued) will take place in several other fictional locations of a world I've completely created, with only a few things being exactly the same as the world we know.

As a writer, I must say the greatest ability one has in writing a story is that in which one can create a world, a character, a reality. The author becomes more then a writer, and in a way plays God as he/she manipulates the events in the character's lives as well as the character's themselves. It made me feel like a butcher during some moments in the story, while very generous in others. It's the greatest part of writing the story itself.

The worst part, however, is all the emotion one puts into the story, the emotions which are a part of oneself. The story, being loosely based on some reality and some characters being grandiose versions of people I know or once knew, is very personal. The very reason the characters came so alive in this story was that I somehow based them on people I knew, and that allowed them to grow, and all their actions and words to seem to write themselves. It's the events which I stuck these characters in that changes the story from truth to fiction. But the emotions I've used to do so have made the story a struggle to complete, as I search to find the fitting fate of the characters I've developed. Many decisions have been hard to make, but have made the story the beauty it is in my eyes, and for that reason they were the only decisions to make. However, they've also prevented this story from ever forcing itself into a happy ending.

I will be proud of this story no matter what reviews I get, so be honest, but fair. The completing of it was also the completing of a dead portion of my life I'd once struggled to get over, so this story has already worked some magic with me. I only hope that it can be good enough to entertain you as well.

That being said, please enjoy this story, and give me feedback. It's very much appreciated. Thank you reviewers, and thank you Fictionpress!