Strawberry Gashes---

She hides behind a broken smile
Looking back through the silver flashes
She's all alone and she's crying
She's covered in strawberry gashes

And do you know why
Because you don't seem to care
She's dying inside
Because you don't see her there

Take something sweet and murder it
Take this china doll and rape it
This girl; the one that you've hurt; is
Dying from your seductive pain

She's hiding inside from the world
Waiting for you to beckon her back
Bleeding for you; a lonesome girl
Within a universe gone black

How could you know why
Because she knows you don't care
She's dying inside
Because she knows you weren't there


She's breathing in your poison
And she longs for forgotten days
She knows the strings are undone
And she knows your deadly ways

Strawberry gashes made for you
Nothing inside these blood red eyes
Strawberry gashes cut by you
Pay the price for your dark lies

(Chorus 2x)

Lovely lips upon a fallen petal
Her body lies with the ashes
Ruined by the blood stained metal
Covered with strawberry gashes