Everything can be deadly to health, cigarettes to sex

And these are things people love that hasn't killed them yet

What about love itself? People have died trying to save the lives

of their loved ones; at this rate the mortality will rise

to one hundred percent, meaning everybody will die from the shit

So when you say you love someone, that's only going to make me sick

And if you say you love me, that's really going to make me hurl

If you say you love everyone, then you're the sickest person in the world

A kiss can be like a snakebite; it can cripple your whole mind

I don't need you're lips to mine; go kiss someone else own your own time

How can you love me and hurt me just the same? That'll make me insane

It's like Russian roulette with poison darts, and I don't want to play that game

All of these feelings from loved ones and others that don't count

is pumping my vessels with nasty toxins of an infinite amount

I don't have the antidote or elixir to fix these mixed feelings of the heart

But my mind isn't infected, so the intoxication won't even start