The Lazy Clown

I'm letting you go

I'm giving up

Do what you want

'Cause I'm not gonna care anymore!

All this perfect girls

Will break your heart

And I won't be there

To boost your self esteem.

That's all I was!

Someone to help you smile

And make your life a little easier

Less work for you

It takes work to be happy

So I was helping

But that's over now

Find a new clown

Because I quit!


Be with them!

I don't care if you leave!

Just to be with them

Leave us here!

Guessing we're not good enough

I'm fine with that

'Cause I know you're wrong

We'll make due

Without you

All by ourselves

We have before

But what about you

Where will you go?

Who will you be with?

The jocks?

The popular?

The beautiful?

Though I pretend

Your choice doesn't bother me

It does!

Why them over us

Why are they so special

I would ask you

But I hardly see you

'Cause you've changed

Just that much.