Once upon a time, there was a child. She lived in the forest, with her young mother. They were very happy, and the sun was always shining. The Child used to play by a small river, and make boats that would sail for a while, until they sank down into the swirling water. Like I said, they were very happy.

But one day, something happened. The child awoke in the middle of the night, haring her mother screaming. What could it be, that made her beloved mother scream so? Instantly, she ran her fastest, to the room next to hers, her mother's room, and there, she found her mother, lying in bed, tossing and twirling with all her might. Every now and then letting out a terrifying yell, or moan, that made her want to cry. The child stood there, watching her mother for a while. She did not understand. Never before had she heard her mother scream, or raise her voice even the slightest...

She went to her mother's side, and patted her, taking hold of her clenched hand, asking what was wrong, but did not get an answer. Her mother, however, was soothed by her child's touch, and slowly, slowly, calmed down, falling into a deep sleep. The child lay herself to sleep beside her mother, silently crying, feeling an unexplainable fright deep inside her.

Upon waking up, the mother found her daughter lying beside her, face tearstained.