The two servants grunted softly as they hefted the suitcases into the back of the car. They noted with bemusement that the car itself was worth more than they made in two years, and the older of the two shook his head, murmuring something about 'spoilt brats' as he closed the trunk.

They were, of course, referring to both father and son, who were standing on the front steps. The son was going away to college to be a doctor, breaking the proud tradition of having all lawyers in the family.

"Thank God for that." The younger servant muttered. "That's all we need, another damn lawyer."

The family wasn't all bad, they were just snotty. They all had their secrets, though. The father had lost an extraordinary sum in the stock market, and earned it back by overcharging a couple of his clients. The mother was having an affair with the next door neighbor's gardener, and as for the son.. Well, the entire staff had a pool going on whether or not he was a poufter. The odds weren't in the boy's favor, either. Only a couple of the maids had bet that he wasn't.

They watched the son hug his sobbing mother good-bye, and exchange a hearty handshake with his father before heading for the car.

"Everything loaded?" The boy asked the two, who nodded. He nodded once, thanked them, and climbed into the car, driving off, completely oblivious to the muttered word that the two old men said as soon as he was out of sight.

Charles Steven McKinnon IV had just turned eighteen a couple of months earlier, and the gorgeous car had been his present from his father. Of course, he had two other ones, but this one was easily his favorite.

It was going to be weird, living away from his family and his friends. Not that he'd have much time for friends, with all the studying, but it was fun just to be around them. Still, he hoped that he could at least become friends with his roommate. He'd asked for a roommate that was very much like him – quiet, hardworking, studious, non-smoking.

The drive to his new school was long, and he was very grateful for the satellite radio that he'd had installed. It helped keep his mind off of how nervous he was about the whole thing, but he knew that he wanted to be a doctor. Ever since he was little, it was all he'd wanted to be. Certainly not a lawyer. From what he'd seen, his father didn't really help anyone.. no one who really needed it, anyway.

He pulled up in the parking lot , smirking with satisfaction at the lusty looks his car was getting. He was quite a sight as well.

He looked a lot like his father. Short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, muscled frame (mostly from running track, in Charlie's case), perfect teeth (thanks to much dentist work and braces for two years), and a winning smile.

He got out of the car and pulled the suitcases out, closing the trunk and setting the alarm on it. Pulling out the suitcase handles, he checked his paper again. "Edwardson building.. " He murmured to himself, checking the sign on the building he was in front of ."Check. Room.. 109." He slipped the paper back into his pocket and pulled his suitcases down the sidewalk, noting that he was easily the best dressed there.

Sighing, he carried them up the stairs and down the hallway, looking at the numbers on the doors as he passed. 105.. 106.. 107… 108.. He heard pulsing dance music coming from down the hall, and wrinkled his nose. That never was his kind of music.

He realized with horror that it was coming from 109. Closing his eyes, he turned the doorknob, and as the door opened, the music became louder.

"Ah! Are you Charlie?" came a male voice from inside.

With a heavy sigh, Charlie opened his eyes to see a very handsome brunette standing on one of the beds, hanging up a poster.

".. Yes."

"Hey!" He hopped off of the bed and turned the music down, running a hand through his hair. "I'm Josh. Nice to meet you. Need help with your suitcases?"

"I'll manage." Charlie replied coolly. He'd have to speak to the housing board about this. This boy didn't look quiet or studious. Josh shrugged and finished hanging the poster up – a movie poster from a foreign movie that Charlie had never heard of – there were two others up on Josh's side of the room.

"So, what are you here studying?" Josh asked. Charlie sighed.


"Oh, a doctor. That's really cool. I'm too much of a dumbass for that." He laughed, and Charlie gave him a patronizing smile. "Hey, listen, there's a party going on upstairs tonight if you're interested."

"I have a class tomorrow." He said simply, unpacking his suitcase.

".. Oh. Too bad. " Josh forced a smile. "I'll get out of your hair while you unpack. It's nice meeting you."

"You too."

As Josh left, he shook his head. This was going to be a hard nut to crack. He usually didn't have any problems making friends – even after he came out in high school, people didn't seem to mind.

He was in the drama club in High School, and his teacher had suggested he take courses here, so he'd gotten a scholarship, and here he was. Vaguely, he wondered why Charlie hadn't gone to a big med school, but it was still a really good school, from what he'd heard.

And truth be told, he was hoping to meet a new boyfriend here, although he wasn't really going to try and get his new roommate.. Getting the stick out of that boy's ass would be a full time job, and he just didn't have the time.

Sighing, he headed upstairs to meet with some friends before the party.

Charlie turned the stereo off and shook his head as he set up his laptop on the desk. He couldn't help but look at the books that Joshua had put over on his shelf. Mostly playbooks and the like.

"Great." He said aloud. "I get to room with an actor. Wonderful."

He had the room to himself for most of the night, and was half-asleep when Josh stumbled in, half drunk. People were still making noise in the hallway, and he whispered tersely. "Guys, quiet. My roommate's asleep."

"Sorry, dude. G'night."

"Night." He closed the door quietly, and Charlie closed his eyes when he saw Joshua looking over at him, but opened one eye when he thought the other boy had turned away.

Joshua took his pants off, tossing them in the laundry basket near the door. "Hope he does his own damn laundry." He muttered. "He can pay for his own soap." He slipped his shirt off, and Charlie's breath caught in his throat.

Charlie opened his other eye and stared now, his heart beating quicker. He watched Josh climb into bed, and soon, the room was silent again, except for his soft breathing. Charlie rolled over in bed and clenched his eyes shut.

'You won't do this again.' He said to himself. 'You're better than this. You're stronger than this. ' He repeated it over and over until his unwanted lust went away, and then he himself went to sleep. He had the feeling it was going to be a long year.