Grace Maxwell

Don't fall in love with me
I'll break your heart
Don't come crying to me
I refuse to shoulder your tears
I'm just wishing to not be used.
Tell me that you hate me
I'll laugh and say the same
Tell me that you're dying
I'll tell you that I could care less
Because I'm just heartless and cold
Accuse me of not caring
I'll shove it back in your face
Do you know how much I've suffered
Caring for you, carrying on in this way
Don't call me by my name
You don't have the right
to even look me in the face
You called me an angel
Oh face, the lies
I'm truely a demon
Using an angel's guise.

A/N:: I was going to name it but I couldn't think up a suitable name for it so bear with me. Haha. If you have an idea let me know. Review? ;;