A long, long time ago…Well, actually it wasn't that long ago at all. I remember the events that happened as if it had been yesterday…Sorry about that. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

Hmm…Where to begin exactly…? I suppose I should start at the beginning, right? Well, I mean the beginning of this specific story in my life. If I were to start at the very, very beginning, I would have to include a lot of other stuff. Such as the start of this world, my theory of the big bang, several key characters' birth, and the day I got my first computer.

Don't worry. I wouldn't really make you suffer through all that.

One more minute, okay? I just have to determine the exact day it all began…I remember the events, but I sometimes forget the order in which they happened. It's hard to figure out sometimes…I mean, after a few days, things begin to blur together.

Ah! Okay…Now I know how to tell it now.

Before I start, I have to warn you of a few things. This story may include some stuff you might not be comfortable with or just may not like. If that turns out to be the case, you can leave and never hear my tale…

The warnings include the following (anything I forget now will be added at the top of the chapter it's in): gay boys, gay boys making out with other gay boys, gay boys making out with straight boys, gay and straight boys wearing make-up and the occasional dress, punks, Goths, dorks, geeks, misfits and out-casts in general, angst, drama, humour, romance, adventure and fantasy (at least, in my own mind), songs, poetry, anime, manga, video games, movies, musicals, blind dates, good dates, bad dates, unusual hair colours, English spellings despite the American setting, the switching between tenses when I decide to interrupt my own story, crude language, sexual innuendos, and maybe some actual sexual content (that's only if I'm in a good mood though).

So, that's about it. I've warned you. You can stay or go now, but that's all up to you. If you decide to leave…Well, fine. Be that way. If you do decide to stay though, I hope you enjoy this and will leave me a nice little review.

Thank you.