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I teetered for a moment and felt myself falling backwards, but an arm reached out and grabbed me. It was nice. Not only did they have comfy arms, but my savior had…Well, saved me. Duh.

"Oh, wow…I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and…Yeah," a voice from just a bit over me said as the arms let me go. I looked up and blinked. 'Oh, wow' indeed…

The guy who had caught me was, quite frankly, stunning. I mean, I would even go so far as to say he was even better looking then Ivan! Lemme think…Hm.

Okay, so, I normally don't go into a lot of detail about the way people look, but this guy was just SO worth that. I mean, here is what he looked like: Imagine this guy who's about…five feet, seven inches maybe. He has a build of lithe muscle with somewhat pale skin, but not enough so that he looks sickly. It actually looks good on him and works well with his eyes and hair. His eyes are a grey colour with some blue set in a pair of almond eyes, framed by thin, rectangular glasses. His hair is…Well, different. The guy's hair is this canary yellow colour. Yeah, it's that bright, but it doesn't look ugly or like piss on him or something like that. It looks like electricity, which is only emphasized by the thick streak of electric blue running along his left bang in a lightening-like design. Oh, and he has a lip ring.

…Yeah. Are you drooling yet? I know I was. Well, mentally anyways.

"Oh, no…Um, it was my fault. I just kinda…wasn't watching where I was going. I mean, I'm new here, so I was just going into the line, and…I mean…Uh," I said, trailing. After all, it really had been both our faults, but whatever.

I shook my head and held out my hand to whoever this stranger was. "In any case, my name is Len Jordan."

And, as luck would have it…"Heya, Len. My name's Tason Raze." Yup. I should have guessed it. Sure, I met one of the guys I wanted to meet…But I had bumped into him and probably made a fool of myself as I did so. "You said you're new here?" he asked.

It took me a moment to get what he was saying and then nodded. "Yeah. I came in from Farley," I said, naming my old high school. It was named after an old man who donated a bunch of money to the school a day before he died. Which is kinda weird, huh?

"Cool. Have you met anyone yet?" the blonde asked, tilting his head to the side in a way that was adorable actually.

I smiled and nodded, motioning towards his friends. "I've seemed to have already stumbled across some people that you, Tason Raze, call friends. Angie and Connart told me a bit about you earlier today," I confessed with a shrug. "Angie starred and underlined you on a list of 'people-you-need-to-know'. Rather odd, but I'm sure it will help."

A laugh escaped the other boy. "That's Ange for ya," he said. Most people don't say that about everyone, so he had obviously known the girl for quite a while…Or at least became close friends with her quickly…Which I wouldn't doubt with her personality.

I wanted to say more, but my belly decided to grumble loudly in an objection against not receiving food yet. I blushed a bit and ducked my head. "Sorry," I apologized quickly. "I'll talk to you later. I need food right now."

"Don't be sorry for needing food," Tason said, dismissing my words, and instead of going back to the table, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and continued directing me to the Pizza line. "Besides, I'm hungry too."

My blush grew a bit more before I forced it from my face with a smile. "Okay then." I shrugged sheepishly and nodded towards the people we were now moving towards. "And I won't make an idiot of myself in line by messing up if you're with me," I claimed.

Tason grinned and winked. And let me tell you…Man, did that boy have a hot wink or what! While I was silently having a fan-gi…I mean, fan-boy moment inside my mind, the blonde teen with his arm around me continued pulling me into the food line.

We got our pizza – which cost $1.50, by the way – and then headed towards the table the others were at.

There, we were met by an interesting sight. Of course, Tason didn't seem so surprised, so maybe it was a common occurrence to him. It seemed Jo was leaning over the table with an odd look on her face and pointing a spork at Angie in a menacing manner. A few phrases drifted over to us, like "What if…", "…just get hurt…", and "Sure, I do, but…". That is, they did until Tason loudly cleared his throat and sat his tray down and motioned for me to join him.

The table got really quiet and it gave me a moment to look at everyone's faces. Jo had her face pointed down at her plate, Angie was biting her lip and looking at me curiously while Connart just watched her in concern…Benji though looked up at us properly and quirked his lips up in a small smile of welcome. "Hi, Tazer…Len," he greeted.

Tason nodded back at him and gave a chuckle. "Heya, Benj'. Sorry, I wasn't able to help you with your film the other day."

The smaller boy waved it off and went back to eating. I, however, continued to just look at the boy sitting next to me for a moment or two. Finally he turned his head though and blinked, looking at me. "Um…What did I do? You're looking at me funny…"

"No…I was just wondering…Tazer?" I questioned. It was an interesting nickname, for sure. Well, it did kind of fit him…What with the hair and everything, but I wondered if there was anything else behind the name besides his hair colour.

Sure enough, he grinned and everyone else seemed to lean in closer for the story. I was sure they had probably heard it several times over, but…Come on! It was story time!

"Well, I know you're probability thinking that it must do with my electric personality, interesting name, and devilish good looks-" This caused a small blush to appear on my face, but I rolled my eyes to downplay my reaction. "-, but it all really began with my father. He's a police officer and as such, he has a wide variety of standard police equipment. One of those things would be a tazer, right? Well, when I was younger…about 10 or something…I was rifling through his things, I came across just that."

I think Ange giggled slightly in anticipation of what was coming next, but I was too focused on Tason to look at her.

"As any young kid would have in my position, I took it. It was something new and interesting that I had never seen before. I wanted to figure out what it was and I didn't think my dad would be too happy if I told him I was rooting through his stuff, so that's why I, um, borrowed it from him," he went on, flashing a grin at me as he did so.

The girl sitting on the other side of me and she couldn't seem to help it as she broke in. "Tason and I were the only ones from our group back then too. Connart, Jo, and Benj' are all from other schools and moved here later, so…yeah. Anyways, the day he got his nickname, I was with him."

"That's right. We were in the city's center that day, I believe…See, our parents are pretty lax about where we go as long as it's not too far inside the middle of town. You know what it's like down there with crimes and hoodlums and stuff. Of course, it's not as bad as New York would be, but…" Tason said, trailing off before he shook his head. "Sorry. I'm rambling."

"But, as I was saying, we were walking down the street, on our way to go shopping at the Center Square Mall to buy some clothes when it happened. This random thug showed up, thinking that because we were little kids he could get away with mugging us." I gasped a little and stared at him with wide eyes. The thought of being mugged was horrible and though I knew it really did happen in life, to a kid like me who never dealt with that, it seemed like something from the movies.

"Were you alright?" I asked, wondering if they just gave up their money or if either of them carried some battle scar from it.

Ange shook her head and grinned, tucking a long strand of blonde behind he ear before continuing. "No, not at all! You see, right as the guy started threatening us, Tazer here got this weird look in his eyes and he started digging through his bag for something. I thought he was handing over his money, so I started to get my wallet out too."

"It was not my wallet I was getting though. I was getting-"

And at the same time…I mean, I swear it was in perfect unison, we all said, "-the tazer!"

Tason grinned and ruffled my hair…I could have swooned, quite frankly. "You caught on quickly!" he exclaimed. "Anyways, that's right. I got out the tazer and started messing with it. I mean, it was a police object, right? And in a younger kid's mind, all that means is stuff to fight bad guys with. I eventually switched in on and…Well, let's just say we had enough time to get away. The end."

I started to clap as he said that and smiled. "Wow…That's quite the interesting story. Most nicknames I've heard really don't have that much of a back story behind them…Or at least one that people can tell properly. Some of them are just 'you would have had to been there' which isn't that much fun for those who…Well, weren't there," I said, blushing slightly at how stupid that sounded. "Did you get in trouble later?"

Tason nodded in a sheepish way that made him look adorable. "Well, yes…I think it was 3 or more months of groundings, I think. BUT, you are right. At least I got a good story out of it."

I opened my mouth to say more, but the bell rang to signal the last classes of the day were about to begin. All of us at the table groaned lightly and stood, picking up our stuff and throwing away our trash.

As everyone began to drift in their own little directions, Connart approached me again. "So, what do you think of our group?" he asked. "Interesting enough to join up?"

I laughed at that. "Very. I loved them. They're so…different," I replied after trying to think of a word for it. "I'm sorry that we hadn't met before this." We started down the hall way for the foreign languages I was taking Italian because I figured it was sorta a romantic language and Connart was obviously taking…German. Duh. If I knew a foreign language already, I would so have taken that to make my life easier, but alas…I did not.

We walked into the new building and I was surprised (and quite overjoyed) to see Tazer standing against one of the walls with a slightly bored expression. He lit up when he saw us and waved us over to him.

"Hey, guys!" he exclaimed, looking pleased with himself. "I didn't know you'd be here, Len. So, I take it Connart's your guide then? Sorry I didn't wait to find out. I'm normally off like a shot as soon as the bell rings."

I waved it off and smiled. "S'cool," I muttered slightly. "Um…Do you have classes here or are you just hanging around?"

Connart gestured to the room a few feet ahead of us. "Actually, if I remember your schedule correctly, Taz…You have Italian together."

Perking up slightly, I looked at my schedule and then over at the electric teen in front of us for confirmation. That would be so cool! I mean, I love classes with friends now that I had a multiple amount of them…And Tason was…Well, he was something totally exotic and I couldn't wait to find out more.

He nodded at my unasked question and I beamed. "Cool! Well, I suppose we should go inside and get our seats then," I said merrily before bouncing slightly into the classroom. Behind me, I heard Connart ask Tason something, but I didn't get to hear the reply since standing right by the door would have made it obvious I was trying to listen in.

A moment later after I had found my seat, the blonde followed before plopping himself into the seat next to mine. "So…," he started, making me feel uncomfortable. I always hated it when people said 'so' like that. Either they were plotting something or expecting you to come up with conversation.

"So?" I squirmed in my seat for a moment, which seemed to amuse my new friend before he finally answered.

"Well, I was going to ask you to tell me something about yourself. Class won't begin for…" He checked the clock. "…another minute. Talk fast or we can pass notes while the teacher speaks," he told me, already ripping out a sheet of paper in case I couldn't talk fast enough to tell him about myself.

Thinking quick, I began to answer with the first things that came to my mind. "Well, My name's Len Jordan, though Len is just a nickname…My favourite colour is orange or blue. I love dogs. I write. I can't sing in public. I love my scarf. I've worn these same ratty shoes since eighth grade, hence the duct tape. I'd do practically anything for good chocolate, croissants, or Italian food. I enjoy manga and anime. I-"

My quick stream of words were cut off at the bell and the sound of the door opening as our teacher walked in. "Now, class, let's go over our syllabus and supplies for the upcoming year…"

Looking back over at Tason, I narrowed my eyes in thought.

'What about you?' I scribbled down on a small piece of paper and tossed it over to him when the teacher wasn't looking.

He looked at me from the corner of his grey eyes and smirked before scribbling something down. 'Me? I'm into everything, though I'm only good at a few. Any of the art stuff, anyways. You couldn't catch me out on the football field for any amount of money!' I had to bite down a giggle at his answer because I agreed.

'Tell me about something your specifically good at. As I said, I write. Mostly fiction and poetry…But maybe one day I'll write something about my life if it gets interesting.' See, you won't be disappointed if you keep reading! That obviously means that my life gets interesting, right? Yeah…I know. Shameless plug on my part. Shuttup.

Taz seemed to think about what I had written for a long while before finally replying. 'Well, you seem interesting enough to me.' That made me smile. 'But I guess what I mostly do or enjoy is acting. I'd like to voice act, if nothing else. That would be amazing…Hey, maybe if you can get a book written, published, and turned into a movie, I could be in it!'

A small laugh escaped me and I was lucky the teacher wasn't paying attention because I couldn't hide the silly grin on my face. If I actually made it that far in my life, I would love having the other teen be in it. He was pretty good looking and seemed like a good friend, after all.

Before I could send him back a note to tell him just that, another one came my way. 'Hey. If you aren't doing anything later, would you like to meet at a local pizza joint close to here…'

I was thiiiis close to taking him up on his offer, but I couldn't. I had Ivan waiting for me back home and we had to exchange stories about how our new lives were going. Okay, so we were a little drama queen-y about the whole issue back then, but hey. What can ya do?

I sent a note back, saying how sorry I was that I couldn't and I almost gave in completely as I watched Tason's face crumple slightly as he read. He didn't get a chance to answer on paper before the bell ring, so he answered me in person.

"No prob, Len," he said. "I completely understand. Next time then, m'kay? Maybe you can bring Ivan next time." I agreed and we both started out for our next classes. Well…He did. I waited for Connart to show up.

"So, how was Italian class?" the brunette asked me as he came up in an easy stroll. He had just come back from German, so I kinda understood his lax mood. It seemed important to him, like my writing is to me…So I just compared him to how good I normally felt after creative writing or something…Speaking of…

"Yay! Creative Writing!" I gave a mini-cheer and twirled about as we walked to the arts and entertainment building. So what if it was childish and got me weird looks as I did so? I liked weird looks from others. That just meant I was doing my job as being an individual. Mission accomplished.

The look Connart gave me wasn't weird though; he was just amused. "Well, I'm sure that for you, the next class will just fly by…And then it will be time to go home. Or are you going with us to go chill?" he asked, tilting his head to the side to look at me.

"I wish I could, but Me and Ivan…"

He grinned. "Ivan and I, you mean…But yes. I understand. We will see you tomorrow though. I take it you don't need help getting home after the last class, do you?" he asked, half serious, half teasing. I shook my head in a negative. I was a big boy now and could get home by my self just fine. "Okay. I'll see you then. This is your room."

I looked up to notice that I was indeed now inside the building and by a door. Huh. Wonder how that happened. "See you, Connart! And…Thank you! Tell Ange the same thing for me, will you?" I called after him. He nodded and disappeared out of my sight as I headed into my classroom.

And so, the school day ended.

…That's it for now. No seriously. I'll tell you when I met with Ivan later, I promise. Now, I'm going to sleep.