Daddy Left his Little Girl

Daddy's little girl stuck by him
Through her young toddler years
Well into years of being a young lady
They had many hardships,
Yet even when daddy was monstrous
His little girl still stood by him
But what is she to do
When daddy doesn't want her?
Tells her he's leaving
To get away from her
Doesn't want to be responsible any longer
Daddy's little girl doesn't have a daddy
She's just a little girl now,
With a mother who doesn't want her either
No daddy, no mommy
Nobody wants her
Daddy abandoned his little baby
After all he's put her through
All the tears, fears, abuse, shots,
After all she stood through
He left her
Now she doesn't know the love
She never had a good one
She finds the pain normal
For she took it upon herself
But daddy's left her
And she'll never find another.