Author's Note: This is for an assignment for my poetry class. It was to write an ironic poem but my teacher sucks and explained irony as Alanis Morisette explains it in her song. So I blame her for my lack of inspiration when trying to think of an ironic situation. But I thought I could say this poem is ironic because I am writing about having nothing to write about but I'm writing this poem. What do you think?

This Isn't Irony

This may not be irony
but there hasn't been any inspiration,
only complications
when trying to write this
and there may be ironies
all around
but I'm lost and without a map,
driving on this parkway,
parking in your driveway
and I know this isn't irony
but this is all I could write,
so sorry
(that you had to read this)
that I wrote this.