Author's Note: I was inspired by "You" by ginnvodka which is cute, unlike mine, so read it sometime.

You (I Love It)

I love it when you press me up
push me down
against the wall, against the floor,
I love it when I feel your teeth
scrape against my skin
and I can feel your hands
you can't get enough of me
I feel your kisses
and my lips are the verylastplace
I love it when you're holding me
with only sweat in between
I love it when the door's unlocked
and we whisper our screams
I can feel the car seat
still in our madcombinationscribbles
And (oh-my-oh-you) I love it
when that couch is our bed,
pulling us further, pulling us faster
I love it when you're drinking gin
And I am drinking vodka
because I know, and you know,
I love it.