Waiting For You by writerforever

Dedicated to the girl who I am waiting for.


You're in my dreams

In my head

In my heart

I long to be with you…

He stands staring out across the distance. She's there, he can feel her presence. He can hear her in the warm breeze that blows. He can feel her in the warmth of the sun's rays upon his face. He can see her in the blue ocean waves. She's all around him. He longs for her touch so much, He longs to kiss her and hold her close. He longs to become one with her. But deep down he knows that he must remain true. He must wait for that day when they will say their vows and pledge before the world that they are going to love each other forever. He must wait and remain pure for her.


I long for your touch

I long to feel your protective arms about me

I long to feel you on top of me

All around me…She sits on the deck of her parents' beach house. She can see him standing by the water's edge. He is waiting for her. She can feel his anxiety and passion swells up inside of her. She wants to touch him, to fall upon him and kiss him passionately as the ocean waves crash down upon them. She wants to be wrapped up in total ecstasy with him. Oh how she loves him! Deep down inside she loves him so very much. She loves him so much that she's going to wait until they're married before she shares that precious part of her with him.


They stand a few feet apart on the beach. They are completely alone. The ocean waves crash down upon the beach and caress their feet. He approaches her. He wants to run to her but he stops as a voice echoes in his head saying:"Wait, just wait and you will be rewarded greatly."

She looks upon him as a dreamy smile forms on her lips. They remain standing apart, passion welling up inside of them. It is desperately wanting to burst free and cover them in its wonderousness.

They pray asking for strength and help to keep waiting for each other.

They look into each other's eyes at a safe distance. Their hearts seem to be speaking to each other.

"I'll wait for you," she whispers and the warm breeze carries it to his heart.

"I'm waiting for you," he says and the breeze carries his message back to her heart.

She smiles once again as she is given the strength to stay firm and wait for him. She raises her arms out to the wind and lets the ocean waves caress her feet and splash upon her legs.

He watches her from a short distance with a look of longing in his eyes. He smiles as he sees her laughing with joy as the waves chase her. He wants to giver her everything. But he wants to wait, to wait for her.


I dream of your kiss upon my lips

I long for your touch

I long for your body to be one with mine

But I'm waiting for you

It's hard

It's almost unbearable

This waiting seems endless

Will we ever be one?

Will we ever share that precious passion together?


I'm waiting for you

I'm waiting to be one with you

I'm waiting to make love with you

I'm waiting to give you my all

I'm waiting to share that gift that God will grant us both

After we've said our vows

No matter what happens

I'm gonna be waiting for you…