a/n: yeah, i know these things are supposed to go at the end of the poem, but then most people probably won't read it. Pls, if you're readingthis poem, give me some advice on how i can improve my writing. No flames pls, i'm new at all this, so go easy on me.


It's the hatred you feel

That makes you want to tear people apart.

Make them feel

How you felt – when they,

With their devious minds

Ridiculed you with lies.

Wanted nothing but control-

Another puppet on the rack.

Make you immobile – feed out of

Their dirty hands.

Every word they say,

Is toxic waste –

Spewing untruths, lies -

Nothing you can do to stop them,

Too powerful, too corrupt.

Trembling with the need

To prove them wrong.

Laughter at your desperate words.

They will never see beauty in life –

So consumed with themselves,

You almost pity them.

Life is unfair.