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B.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. .F.r.e.e.

"I hate you!"

Those three words

Cannot describe my feelings for you.

So overused

Slandered by everyday, meaningless use.

Yet, they cause a hurt, sorrowful look

To paint itself on your face.

I know I shouldn't say it.

I know that it is wrong,

When all you tried to do was love me.

But your love was unwelcome,

A suffocating net of words.

Drawing me in, when all I want to do is run.

With your love, come complications.

You expected more than I could afford

To give to you.

You hurt me, ravaged a hole in my heart

With your torturous demands.

One cannot describe the feeling;

I loathe you, yet at the same time,

… I need you, here beside me.

Like a butterfly and a plant:

You nourished me, gave me what I needed.

But as I grew, you expected

Me to stay the same

Frozen by desecrating time.

But I changed, metamorphosis.

The cocoon you once encased me in

Is now a prison.

I struggle to break free of its folds.

Let me go, now!