A/N.Just a story that popped in my mind..


I was and am a resident nerd, you are a gorgeous football player. I knew that when I fell for you, I had no chance with you. When our eyes met, I'd savour the moment, the way your ice blue eyes scanned me briefly.. Then, once your gaze wavered I had to face reality. It was not happening. I tried to ignore the powerful sensation I felt when I glanced at you, yet I couldn't. Even if I did, it returned the next time I saw you.

Every surge of hope vanished as soon as it came. Yet, I remained hopeful. Simple things made me happy, like when you asked me if I had a pen.. The way your strong, tanned fingers left a tingling sensation when I passed it on to you.. The way you would whoop after a touchdown during games..

My friends were ignorant and their tiny suspicions were shortlived. All I had to do was ask them about the upcoming pop quiz, they would pore their worries over to me. I attended every game, finding my skirts getting shorter every day. I unconciously stared at the cheerleaders, the most popular with envy. If only...

My glasses were soon abandoned, then went my comfortable loose sweatshirts.. I wore tight and short tops with outrageously short skirts. I made sure my dark hair was gleaming and had enough blush on. I discovered that I was actually pretty, only hiding it all the time.

Yet, I discovered my desire to ape the cheerleaders only when my friend confronted me about my sudden change. I was always proud to be myself, when people called my Outrageous Slogan tees wierd I'd roll my eyes. I called them Unique, I soon discovered the similarity between the two words. Wierd is Unique.

Now, I was following the trends. I had loathed them before. I felt it silly and stupid. Trends, I mean. Yet, I would do anything to get your attention. I would do anything to make you smile...

I actually scribbled your name adorned with hearts in every textbook, began to use scented pink paper. I was lovesick, obsessed and in love with you. We were perfect for each other, I felt it. The only barrier between us is our status. You are the popular football player, you could date a dozen cheerleaders at a time. I am hopeless..

Then, you began to go out with Celina Reese, the cheerleading co-captain. You and Celina were soon an item. I was devastated, yet finally faced life as it was. However short my skirts went, I was a nerd. I was stuck to the label forever. I was invisible, I couldn't change that.

I was finally over you. We couldn't be together, you would never fall for me. Yet, whenever I see you and our eyes meet again, your jet black hair whipping in the air, the magic is back. I'm hopelessly mesmerized and you are oblivious to it all. I glance back at the cheerleaders. If Only...


A/N.The end! Yeah, its a one shot. Not my cup of tea either, I can't believe I've written this!! Well, REVIEW PLEASE!