My Other Half

Is there really a place

Where two souls meet,

In the middle of the night

On an empty beach?

Reaching out as far

As we possibly can,

Two pale spirits

With similiar hands.

The tears that gush

Are of recognition

The actions we take

Are made of precision.

The love we feel

Is equal in each,

We console and exchange

Memories on this beach.

Shimmering slightly

Pale and transparent,

We're like ghosts in the air

That much is apparent.

The seagulls that swoosh,

High above our heads,

Remind us of our own

Sisterly beds.

We'd stay up late,

And play games and talk,

Now hand in hand,

We recall as we walk.

Our parents that died,

When we were young,

Two loving faces,

With wisdom that sung.

Dreams an wishes,

We had when alive,

We promised we'd make it,

And just take the dive.

We'd walk out of our home,

And conquer the world,

Cuz sister with sister,

We'd beat them girls.

Life was captured,

In our joint palms,

We'd see every corner,

Cities and farms.

We'd explore and we'd write,

And educate the others,

We'd teach all the people,

All fathers, all mothers.

The waves that roll in,

Gently remind us,

It's time to accept,

And leave everything behind us.

Stars twinkle high,

Lighting up our path,

We hold hands together,

As time moves fast.

Dissolving into nothing,

We close our eyes,

Let the world take us,

And say farewell to those alive.

I reach out and touch,

My sister one last time,

And remember with comfort,

My other half will always be mine...

For those of you who don't get the story in this, it's about two sisters who always thought they could beat the world and do what they want but they died at an early age, and they could never accept the fact that they died so young, which is why nature/God/whateva gives them a chance to meet one last time as ghosts and accept their death before they dissolve into nothing. I thought it was a coolidea but some people in my class didn't. Why not review and tell me what you think?