Asleep as will ever be
I wake in mourning for a Jew
You, you said you hated it
You bastard, you Nazi.
Lying in your grave, rotting with maggots—
Your existence all forgotten,
By the people of my Republic,
Who have moved onto my palm of peace.

So lie there, you monster,
You caused all this chaos with your power,
Not blind, you, but with one eye,
That my Odysseus will soon slay!
And yes, Greeks in my soul, will laugh—
For you stupidly fall for my Circe.
Ah, you blind, ignorant fool,
You have finally lost your own game.

For eons to come, your actions will be remembered
But your face forever erased from Undefined Nomads,
There will your name be,
Carved in bronze, right beside a cowering Bush,
Green with envy, and sick with disease.
Go lie next to your beloved Bush—
After all, didn't he give you your freedom?
Go hug his dying spirit,
At least someone will appreciate the madness within.

You bastard, you thought you could undo our magic?
My laughter rings in your dead ears
Your glassy blank eyes looking at your personal Hell
Forget your fucking future, because you've got none,
You sick ass, you're dead,
You're forgotten,
By your own People,
Who now have Her, my wonder, my idol,
Queen of the UN.