bare feet and wrapped in song
is how I thought you'd find it easier
to fall for the smaller shades of beauty I have to offer
similar to stars catching in and out
than to the strengths of brazen sunlight;
I am more fleeting, songbird across the sky
and you have to ask yourself if the whisper
of song you heard was the careful dynamics of wind,
of wings and flight; or just a sound
you wish you had heard occur.

I cloak myself with identities combined, aligned and entwined,
truthful and shadowed, soul- or maybe heart-measures
in case I need to disappear quickly amidst fog
and the confusion of unsureness.
Sometimes even I don't know when I'm telling the truth.

I want to be uncommon and beauty stretched to reality
with the grace only suffering can impart.
If you only saw how common I am, how fallen
like all the stars, hurtling towards inexistence,
though it will take eons to put out the lights
of this most human of shinings, love.