The killer instinct to eat is burning away at Ree's stomach. He sits on a rooftop in downtown. The cold air brushing up against him in the October weather. He shudders momentarily and looks back down to the ground below. No one has come up or down the street for two hours, and even then it was a lone kid walking away from the school that just let out its drama students.

Dark thunderheads loom over Ree's head as he is taken back to a day similar to this one.

He was young, seven maybe eight years old. Walking uptown to his home with his head bowed down in complete disdain. It was just starting to drizzle on him for the umpteenth time. He should have met with his older brother, Ayden but he never did. There were police cars like the toy ones the two brothers would play with in the security of their home. Three ambulances were there too. But Ree didn't see them until it was too late to run off and hide. When he finally looked up to his front porch he saw a huge police officer standing there. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the random appearance he was not used to seeing everyday in his life. With a face full of unmasked emotion the young boy walked up to the front steps but never made a move to go up them. He just stood there waiting for the officers attention like he would do to his father. Never talk first let them talk first, it was the way of the house, his fathers orders. When the officer finally took notice of the small boy standing before him he called out to another person, male or female he doesn't remember. They took his hand and led him towards a police car that held Amsterdam, known as King to the boys, their dog, a large rottweiler. Ree was completely confused and voiced it out in a small squeaky voice. Only later on that night he learned what had happened. His parents had been found dead in the house. When Ayden his older brother came home and found out he had locked himself in the bathroom and started screaming. No one could get him out of the room that held his death. He had shot himself at point blank with a hand pistol whos origins are unknown to this very day. Exactly three hours and twenty three minutes after finding out, Ree was watching the clock, his master had him in his hands for another assassin, only his potential was stronger than most.

The biting cold and his past memory coming upon him so fast makes Ree shiver uncontrollably. He is frozen to the bone; literately frozen down to his bones. Making a silent vow that he will finish this watch later Ree walks towards the door leading down to the staircase which will lead Ree into the underground passage to the mansion a block away. The staircase itself is long forgotten to those living around. The assassins of Ree's Master use it, but it is very rare to see more than two of anybody using it. When Ree gets the door open a small way a gust of wind blows in from the heavens making Ree just forget about sanity and dart inside to the growing warmth of the building. Whether or not it is a heated building and it gets Ree out of the freezing wind so he is happy to be with what he is given.

The first twenty steps down to the main tunnel has Ree on his toes from the lack of light. Always being ready for strange occasions has put this drill into Ree's head, a dark passageway, not being able to see very well, to sum it up stuff can happen as stuff likes to generally do. Therefore if Ree is not ready he could be killed, and so by being ready he can save himself if an attack comes to play. His eyes adjust quickly but without the availability of light the tunnel is a black mass, unless, that is, one is too look very closely at the walls.

Lichen hangs, frothing back and forth in the windless place, but even more spectacular is that the lichen itself glows with a blue green tinge to it. It provides ample enough light that no torches have to be brought down from up above. It is still dim in the tunnel as Ree makes the five minute walk to the basement floor of the mansion. The mansion itself is hidden unless one knows where it is before they happen to leave.

To a humans eye, which sees barely anything, the building is a run down place which houses the homeless from all across the city. Within the walls however it is more complex than just abandoned woman, children, and men. It is more of a complex small army of well trained killers. Those who kill will make a two second decision those decisions could cost them their own lives. In a small world within another world it is chaos and grief. Greed takes over the weak hearted and it digs its roots in deep. The chaos caused from rebels shows enough problems to Ree's Master , the mastermind behind it all.

Ree's feet touch the bottom step of the twenty-seven stair case carved from gray black stone. Heaving a happy sigh he steps up and heads to the basement where his room resides. Reaching the black iron door Ree notices a major change in atmosphere. It feels cold, no not just cold; freezing. The only thing that would possibly make the air change this much would be either when master falls ill or an ice elemental.

Well master looked fine this morning, it's got to be an ice elemental.

Ree opens the door slowly and slips past it not too cause too much of a scene if anyone is on the opposing side of the door. No one is in the hall. He heaves a heavy sigh of gratefulness and starts to walk towards his room not that far away.

A closed blood red wooden door stares back at Ree as he takes a few seconds longer to realize what he was in fact doing. The blood red color of his was done on purpose to match his temper. He pulls the door open and cold air rushes against his now warm body fluffing up his raven hair out of his face. Reaching inside the door Ree flicks up the white knob for his light switch and the sight that comes to him is enough to make a small smile appear on the mans face, an extremely rare to see. The brilliant light shows a woman sitting on his couch. Only her eyes stare directly at the wall in front of her.

Making a throat clearing sound Ree gets the attention of the woman before him, the ice elemental before him rather. Gentle misty blue eyes lock onto his in what seems an eternity.

"Nauma! What a great surprise I thought I was going to be hindered by Gaven….but…ahhhh…yes what can I accommodate this greeting for?" Ree's enthusiasm dies down slightly as he takes in the woman's appearance before him. Her haggard expression is enough to let him know that something will happen, most likely bad or better yet confusing beyond reasoning.

"By your face young Ree you know what this appearance of me is for…no? You know of your battle that will be coming upon you all too soon. I warn you, it will put your abilities to into view and bring the attention of yourself out, unwanted or wanted. Or bring to you excellent death. But Ree, if you do die, the world will die with you, the flowers will wither and pass, the trees stop giving us the oxygen we crave and so on. But young Ree this fight may reflect your skill just do not become to full of yourself and underestimate your abilities. But with this fight, any pains you have felt from your past will be recovered and switched into the happiness you so long for. Beware the boy Ree, beware the boy." And as she faded her last words rang out in the silenced room, beware the boy. The cold air disperses allowing warm air to take over in the room once again, Ree jumps onto the couch and sighs.

Death to light. Don't be too full of myself, what the heck is that? And beware what boy?!? Bloody hell, I am not full of myself! And I do to know my abilities; his monologue in his head sounded oddly enough like it was he himself who needed to be reassured. I'm a trained assassin for all of mereths sake! Damn people! That damn fight is going to kill me! Tomorrow night. Only one night away…Oh hell to it I'm going to sleep. He lays himself down upon his couch, his back against the torn cushions.


well not much suspence but i am gonna say is that this is all ill update tonight and im going to go back and edit this in a while and try to make Ree seem more human. I was wondering if you guys could give me any awsome hints i would love you for them