Make A Wish

A three part poem

by Sweetiepie1019


Make a wish

Now forget it

Have a dream

You can't reach it

Did a deed

Now regret it

Hard lesson

Life'll teach it


Make a wish

It unfurls it's wings

It is small but strong

It flies to the skies

Past the clouds, past the stars

So tiny it might fade away

But it might reach haven

Whisper in an angel's ear

When your little wish

Which lived on your hope

Has told its secret

It dissolves into the wind

Isn't it lovely to know

You have had a little wish

Living and working

Just for you


Make a wish

Hope it comes true

Blow out the candles

Sing a silly song

You know, having the whole cake is nice

You'd probably have to return half the gifts anyway

Walking around with balloons in the halls is so embarrassing

You always throw out your cards anyway

Sing "Out Tonight" from Rent

It's a better song

Buy yourself a sweater

You know it's cute

"I have to go out ..."

It echoes, empty

"Happy birthday to me ..."