Okay, this poem is kind of…weird?? I guess lol. But I was just thinking about how when you fall in love with someone and they love you back it's like they place their love/ their life in your hands and say "I trust you with this."

What a responsibility that is!

In My Hands by writerforever

I see you

I feel you

I long for you

You say you long for me too


I'm afraid

Afraid of taking a chance

Afraid of giving you my all

Afraid of disappointing you

Afraid of getting hurt

Afraid of loving you


I had always dreamed this day would come

When I'd hear you say "I love you."

But now I'm terrified

I feel the great responsibility of love

I feel your heart being placed in my undeserving hands

And I'm afraid


I'm afraid of hurting you

I'm afraid of kissing you

I'm afraid of loving you


In my hands your heart lies

So delicate

So trusting

What if I falter?

What if I fail you?

What if I crush your heart within my hands?

What if….?


In my hands your heart lies

In my hands lies your very being

You have placed it in my hands

You have said, "I love you and I trust you."


These hands of mine are so undeserving

These hands of mine may falter

These hands of mine may fail you


But darling this I can promise you

These hands will always love you