What Sorrow Distance Brings

On a day that felt like rain
with the sweet smell of spring,
a couple would finally face
what sorrow distance brings.

The dream of togetherness
kept them alive and strong.
Together, they could beat this prison
that they had lived so long

But then catastrophe struck,
the pair so happily bound.
For now they would find that
love can have a different sound

A darkened cloud hovered
as she uttered out a cry
"Why aren't you coming now
to sing my lullaby?"

"Love, if only I could
I would be there by your side.
This ache is much too great
and I fear it won't subside"

With those words he quickly left
and for miles he would drive
to be with his lonely girl
so that their love could thrive.

But alas it wasn't so easy
and disaster struck again.
He never arrived in her arms
and her pain would never end.

Her lullaby forever gone
and left only the smell of spring
It always to remind her of
what sorrow distance brings.

To my readers,

This poem was particularly difficult for me to write, considering I am not abig fan of rhyme or rhythm. However, in my Honors British Literature class, we had to write a ballad.

Four classes of ballads:

- unrequited love
- murder/revenge
- heroic deeds/stories
- tragedy (mine)

Based on some true facts but definatly not all of them. :D

Reviewfor cookies? :D